Is UPS the worst shipping company

I’ve shipped many packages with Fedex that went down mostly without a hitch, recently I ordered a package from China and ups decided to split the cartons, one was delivered two weeks ago and the other half has been sitting in Hong Kong for the past 3 weeks with no estimated delivery. I tried to chat with them and they told me “the best way to manage this is to keep on tracking it”, no shite sherlock. Yesterday I sent back docs to Chapman for next day 10:30 delivery (which is 1.5 hours from me by car) and today somehow they effed up and sent it who knows where and wont be delivered today at all. Called them and the stupid automated system will not transfer you to a representative and will tell you to make a claim online then hang up on you. Tried making a claim and what a surprise, they won’t let me open a claim because “the package is in transit”. Is it just me or are they just not very good at what they’re supposed to be doing?

I tend to have way more issues either fedex

Beat me to it. My preference has always been UPS, by far (as opposed to FedEx).

Most of my deliveries from China (I buy a lot of audio equipment) are handled through DHL and go off without a hitch for what it’s worth.


Was not up to me, seller selected shipping.

I worked at UPS for 10 years and I can say all shipping companies suck. At least UPS drivers are unionized and are paid well, FedEx drivers get sprayed with a hose.




I forgot to take a picture of how Chapmans package looked when it arrived. Was wet and torn all around looked like it went through hell for being a simple envelope.

I’ve been having a ton of issues recently with FedEx. Damaged, late, tracking info gaps. I hear they are having severe staffing issues in many areas.

USPS has been ok, but I had one priority mail envelope destined for Georgia (the state), that landed up in GUAM, and took 2 weeks to finally arrive in GA.

UPS has been the better one but that’s not saying much either.

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I have found FedEx to be the most reliable in terms of on-time delivery. UPS can run a day behind the scheduled ETA. USPS has no cares in the world and will mark an item as delivered and have it show up 2-3 days later. DHL is the absolute worst. They recently shipped a small item from 100 miles away (in-state) and it went through 4 different states and took 3 weeks to be delivered.


Interesting, sounds like you have a lying mailman problem. My complaint with them is , they are always late. Took 2 weeks to mail from CA to TX.

IME, UPS is generally the best. Fedex is significantly worse when dealing with them on a larger scale at the companies I’ve worked for. USPS just plain old sucks. I just sent a title to my car via USPS in one of their fancy envelopes that cost a decent amount of money. From NJ to CA, It updated the second day to a distribution center in Jersey City, and then no movement or updates for 16 days until it was delivered in CA.

UPS = union shop

FedEx = mgmt actively fought and so far prevented the union (except for pilots)

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Fell on the floor under the machine and was finally picked up the day before the PMG showed up for his monthly inspection.

Lol Probably.

For 19.99 a year(less if you find a coupon), sign up for UPS MyChoice. One of the perks is you can have all the god-awful SurePost packages automatically upgraded to UPS ground so as to avoid the USPS delay. Well worth the price if you receive a lot of deliveries.


We are a online retailer, FEDEX is the worst

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So you’re saying that a 38% error rate in delivering one of the most important components of a core service is bad?

Last year, we reviewed package scanning procedures at 25 delivery units and found USPS employees were not always following package scanning procedures at 21 of the 25 units. Specifically, 38 percent of the more than 1,100 packages that were selected at these units and that were in the facility before the carriers arrived for the day had been improperly scanned. For example, 191 packages had been scanned as delivered but were still at the unit, and 113 packages that were not delivered had no scan indicating why they weren’t.

Look at these trucks in the NYC metro area. If you see someone weaving & cutting people off, running red lights or stop signs, making turns on red where it’s illegal etc etc … much higher chance it’s a FedEx.

Work ordered me a new M1 MacBook Pro, shipped via UPS. I didnt have the tracking number so wasn’t really sure when it would show up. Went out to shovel one morning and noticed a box tucked away under the shovel i keep on the front porch. Turns out its my laptop. big SIGNATURE REQURED label on it. Checked my cameras, they just put it on the porch almost 36 hours prior, didnt knock, didnt ring the bell, didnt even attempt to get a signature. Just left a $3,000 laptop in the snow….

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