Is this really that outrageous, or was the salesman just rude?



I respect your diplomacy, but, while it might explain the salesperson’s frustration, it doesn’t explain the language they used… Speaking that way to anyone is never acceptable in a professional setting.


TBH you are the one keep bring out the woman card here…

I think 99% people here don’t care about if you are a woman or not, or brown belt or not.

What matter is:
A person especially a sale person should not treat OP the way he/she did, period.


I’m not being diplomatic - sales person was 100% in the wrong. Just providing some context that might explain it.

If you look over on AskCarSales on reddit, they’ll tell you all day long how they don’t understand why you would ever drive a car you were not going to buy and that showing up just to test drive is a waste of their time.


A reminder.


Maybe it is a Downstate thing. Upstate luxury dealers are very professional. Can’t get a good deal, but they are nice.


that was my point, for a moment I thought this was an mma forum and I was going to have to school somebody.

Both parties are not completely innocent but I think salesman was way off base and op should definitely complain to somebody about it.


thank you for the reminder, But I don’t believe I attacked you did I?


Off-topic, Mike.


Total dick move. I’d have said “ You May want to take your career alternatives from Walter White”.


FYI I test drove months in advance and was so pleasantly treated I made a deal. I worked it out.


I totally get that. And people who test drive a car and then buy it immediately are people who probably make relatively impulsive decisions, and people who make relatively impulsive decisions are also probably people who “overpay” for things, which is exactly what the salespeople want.

For me (as the consumer), the starting process is test driving the cars that I’m consider to narrow down the field and then, after the test drive, doing all the research and such to find the one I actually want to make the deal on. And people who probably do that probably aren’t overpaying as often or by as large a margin (which is of course what the salespeople probably don’t want).

I don’t work in the car biz, but I also imagine auto sales is maybe different from other sales businesses b/c I imagine most people aren’t buying cars often enough that it’s “worth it” from the sales side to invest in developing an ongoing relationship w/ an individual customer (unless you’re perhaps working for an ultra-lux maker like Bentley).


Sound logic. I have always operated in the same capacity when it comes to car buying.


/r/askCarSales is a dumpster fire. Terrible advice is thrown around in there and its just a bunch of salespeople boosting each other’s egos


Wait a second car companies often pay you to test drive cars. I’ve personally made about $500 cash for test driving Land Rover, Audi, etc and over $2000 in rebates for test driving BMW,


But funny with some nuggets of good advice. They think of us similarly.


Thank you! It was yesterday, at 6:30 pm. So dead in the middle of the week. And I had spoken to him earlier to make an appointment AND let him know I wasn’t leasing until July or August. If he had an issue with it, why not just say “hey, is it fine if I let someone else show you the car, and once you’re ready we can talk numbers?” I would’ve been totally okay with it. And he spent 45 minutes with us. From the moment we walked in to the moment we left. Didn’t even sit at his desk. He gave us his card and we left immediately after test driving the car.

Ah, okay. Gotcha! Didn’t know the Q5 was closer to the X3.


That would be valid, if I hadn’t talked to the same guy. Lol. The salesperson was the same one I had set up an appointment with.


He also could have just given you the keys and let you explore on your own. I actually prefer that to having the salesperson ride along as I’ve already done my research on the vehicle ahead of time and don’t need them to explain anything.


sometimes its dealership policy, so as to avoid theft/fraud. Also I know on certain cars they wont let you test drive without a salesman or manager, like expensive cars or high performance vehicles not that this applies in this situation per say but the dealership policy is something that I would think is very common.


reddit is just 4chan users with a condom (censored) lots of good information but a lot of trolls on there too and bad info if you dont know what to look for.