Is this really that outrageous, or was the salesman just rude?



That has been my experience with Toyota salespeople.


Makes sense, but I think it’d be lovely if dealerships let you test drive the car over a weekend (and I think it’d be fine if they charged for that, too). Leasing/buying a car is a big investment (well, maybe not if you’re getting a unicorn deal!), and it can be really hard to pick up on things in a test drive that may end bothering you A LOT on a daily basis once you have to live w/ the car…


I think that would be a great idea, just you know some bad apples could ruin it for everybody. Definitely could give people an idea on how they like the car over an extended test drive.


I just tell them upfront “I’m ready to scrap if you’re ready to go. Take you out goin toe to toe.” Gets me respect and usually a good deal too! :sunglasses:

On topic content - This salesperson was very unprofessional. I have had what I feel is a pretty good range of test drive experiences. I have never gone on joyrides, but have taken cars out before my intended purchase time-frame. In a couple of cases, I liked the car so much, I bumped up the time frame. In others, I went back and found the original salesperson to make sure they would get a crack at the sale.


I did that with a BMW dealer before. Wanted to have extra time with a manual 3 series since it had been a while since I had a car with a manual. Gave me one and said I could keep it for the weekend. Just took a copy of my drivers license.

Granted this was probably 15 years ago so things may be different now.


I don’t know who your salesmen were but I would pull a car off a showroom mat, build up a nice audience of 40 year olds with their kids and whoever else is in the dealership and give you 1% off every time you pin me and take 1% away from the deal everytime I pin you, I would be willing to go until closing time, at which point I would call it day and go home to watch reruns and eat tv dinner while laughing my way home with all the money I have made from pinning overweight dad’s to the mat.


Everyone agrees the salesperson was rude. Now this thread is just people with fragile masculinities bragging about how tough they are.


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