Is this really that outrageous, or was the salesman just rude?



Thank you! Yeah I was upfront about the whole thing.

The car was nice for sure, but not for the prices he was throwing out. I got quoted wayyyy less for a Prestige Q5.


The salesman definitely could have used a more appropriate and polite response however at the same token a Saturday is usually a car dealerships busiest day which provide ton of potential for the sales force.

If a salesman spends 4 - 5 hours on somebody who isn’t ready to buy for 6 months then thats 4-5 hours that they could have spent with somebody in the store who is actually ready to buy a car.

Not to mention most sales guys are paid solely on commission through profit on the vehicle, which on most “lease hacker” deals is usually non existent, therefore they get paid what’s called a “mini” which averages about $50-100.


Yikes he actually told the customer how much it is a waste of his time. Usually a salesperson can just do a quick test-drive, T/O to a sales manager for a meet, and then let you go without going over numbers.


Dont know what you being a brown belt in bjj has to do with anything but pretty sure a 6’2 225 guy would slam you, people think just because they train martial arts they can account for differences in weight, size and gender.

But I would agree that the salesmans behavior was unnecessary in the situation.


…and then would have dropped your crystal balls on his desk.


Don’t forget the Goldmember!!!


Are people reading the OP’s post? They specifically said they went on a weekday in the mid-evening. And, since OP had already told the salesperson up front they weren’t buying that evening, I doubt the salesperson spent 4-5 hours w/ them.

The BMW dealership I went to specifically had an employee whose sole job was to get the car ready, do the test drive, and answer any questions about the car itself (incl tech demos) so that the salesperson didn’t have to any of that. BMW ain’t cheap; maybe this NJ dealership should consider doing that.

The X5 is one step up in price, size, and power, no (Audi doesn’t make a direct competitor to the X5, AFAIK)? The X5 is closer in size to a Q7. The BMW equivalent to a Q5 is an X3.


Bridgewater NJ has been nothing but class in my dealings with them fwiw.


Regardless of my lack of reading comprehension,
If the customer is actually in the store with an appointment then it’s not up to salesman how much time he wants to spend with them, its up to his manager…

How do you think it works? Tony the salesman can go up to Bob the manager and be like " you know what Bob I’m not really feeling this one" .

If the sales manager is hungry for deals and the dealer needs units then he’ll make the salesman chisel the customer down for a couple hours…Depends on how the store is run and how ruthless management is…

One of the most popular things salesman hear is “I’m not buying today, I’m just looking” until 3 hours later into negotiations and they’re walking out with the car.


If that was the first thing you took away from my comment, you just proved my point for me.

I would give an untrained man of that stature, issues. His slamming me would work to my advantage.


I want to get in on the bodyslamming argument but am not sure where to start.


No the first thing I took away from that comment was your passive aggressive behavior, where in the entire thread did you think it was ok to start throwing blows or putting dudes in a rear naked choke in a consumer transaction. So why did you mention you practice martial arts?

Even an untrained guy weighing 30-40 lbs more than you would give you huge problems, first off the situation you are suggesting is a street fight, second off bjj doesnt even practice takedowns so explain to me how you are gonna get the dude down, cause you arent starting the fight from the ground. This is the funny part of bjj, the best martial arts for a street fight would be wrestling, judo and kickboxing. The only bjj fighters that are good at takedowns will be mma fighters or former wrestlers so if your either of those two then you got a shot.


Keep the discussion on topic and stop any personal attacks. Discussions about body slamming customers (I think?), while entertaining, is not relevant to helping OP.


Your reply was odd. Perhaps because it was coming from a woman?

My point, I believed, was rather apparent. About my training, beliefs, and conviction, I illustrated a situation that respect and simple kindness could have helped to avoid. It is not that difficult to live your life in a way where you do not speak to others in such a manner. It is uncivilized. And it is mind-blowing to know some do not get that telling someone “if I was any other salesman I would’ve told you to screw yourself and hung up on you when you told me you weren’t leasing for another 4 months. But I’m doing you a favor” without any provocation is not only very rude but can lead to adverse outcomes in our present society.

Off-topic, I was the victim of an attempted robbery in February 2010. The man was about an inch or two taller than your description. Yes, his size alone almost got me. And had I been a woman without training, he might have beat me, raped me or killed me. He was incredibly strong - had me with one hand (and I am 5’7”, and an athletic 135 lbs.) and things began to darken quickly. But his mistake was he took me to the ground. I may have a scar on my forehead where he punched me; however, I broke his arm and lived.

Am I physically stronger than men? Some, yes, but I understand the difference in strength when it comes to gender. Can I handle myself against your everyday male who believes gender alone gives him an advantage over me and all of my years of training? Ask the piece of filth whose elbow snapped.

Now, respectfully, you are young and speak with knowledge of a variety of topics. Are you a brown belt? Your understanding of this topic is full of incorrect information.

I look forward to the numerous threads you post in the future regarding the various vehicles your family owns (including prices). I live in Blackhawk. If you are ever back in the area, let me know, and we can spar for a bit of fun.

I shall now leave comments on the topic.


Read comments back and see who brought body-slamming up. My explanation, while unnecessary, had a purpose.


Step one, enroll into bjj class.


I really have zero interest in the how or why. This is not a personal attack on anyone, but simply a reminder to keep the discussion on-topic or I will close the thread.


Which completely doesn’t apply to this situation b/c the OP had told all dealers in an e-mail about their timeframe when they set up the initial in-person appt.

So if the manager couldn’t be bothered to read that and then say to the salesperson, “Just spend 30 mins w/ this person and then move on to someone who looks like they’re going to make the deal today,” then that’s the dealer’s fault for being bad at managing their time, not the OP’s fault. If you don’t know how to hustle, then don’t work in sales.

I don’t think anyone here is saying that it’s not super annoying when potential customers knowingly waste a salesperson’s time, but I don’t see how the OP was doing that at all. If the dealer thought it was going to be a waste of time, again, they could’ve just ignored the communication entirely, rather than being a pr*ck.

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Not that this is any defense, but its possible the information about only coming in for a test drive was lost. Some dealers have BDCs which have sole jobs of setting appointments which they get paid on - $x if the person shows, and $y if they sell.

Maybe the BDC set the appointment and never passed along that OP was only coming in to look? Again, still rude behavior and definitely a trainable moment, but might explain the salesperson’s frustration if they were not prepped.