Is this really that outrageous, or was the salesman just rude?



Maybe you look more like a used car kind of guy.

Maybe the X2 is just for the fab-few.


It probably also depends on the dealership.

Some places are high volume and they don’t want to waste time unless someone is serious. High volume customer traffic means the sales people will want to weed through those that aren’t ready to buy.

Some dealerships are low volume and the sales guys are bored with nothing to do. My experience is these guys are more than happy to take you on a long test drive even if you make it clear you aren’t buying soon.

Either way, it’s pointless to talk pricing when you’re 5 months out from buying.



Come on, the guy was spoiling for a fight and you let him get away that easy. Was there no - I need to speak to the manager, get me your owner or corporate will hear from this rebuke from you? Kudos to you on keeping that cool, coz I would have raised my voice, politely but firmly there …


A salesman who will only work with guaranteed sales:

  1. Is not a salesman at all but an order taker.
  2. Will never make it in sales at all because sales actually takes effort.
  3. Will never make cold calls or seek out customers, which are required in sales.


did I catch a bit of sympathy for the devil? As far as op goes you have to understand these guys are there to make money, you taking an hour or so out of his time when you aren’t ready to move soon makes him feels like he’s wasting his time, but I agree he doesnt have to be a jack*ss about it, wouldn’t give him or the dealer my business like others have stated.


I suggest letting the GM know this is happening. If they do something about it in terms of training, you will give them a shot when it comes time to lease/buy (if you like the car), if they care about your business they will try to earn it. You didn’t do anything wrong, salesperson was wrong based on the info presented.


Please add this as a review for that dealership in google (maps). Many people read the reviews in google. And it is more effective these days.


I recently have found some BMW sales man/woman super arrogant for whatever reason, maybe they think they are selling ferraris…


To be worthy of one of those magnificent BMW machines you have to be really cool.

Are you worthy ?


Did you actually get to drive the car? If you like the car, just go to another dealership.

I would also complain to corporate and to the general manager. And I agree w/ everyone who said to post a nasty review on-line; make sure to include the salesperson’s name.

The OP says they made it clear in their initial communication that they weren’t in the market yet. If the salesperson finds that annoying and a waste of time, then they just don’t have to respond to the message. No need to be rude.


Sometimes this forum is a trip. To believe people think such behavior is acceptable in this world is mind-blowing.

I am a woman, but I am also a brown belt in BJJ. I do not use expletives but would have exchanged some very unkind words if that were said to me. And if it escalated, well, some people need to deal with the consequences. Tough people syndrome is at an all-time high due to the Internet. You see it often here as well. People type what they would never speak from their mouths.

I once was purchasing a new car and witnessed a customer pummel a salesperson for calling the man’s mother, r*tarded (the salesperson went on the offense, attempted a double leg takedown, and got drilled then knocked out cold). Officers came and did not arrest the son. I overheard them telling the mother they knew the day would arise due to the salesperson’s mouth and that he had it coming as a consequence.

Be kind, folks, online and off - it costs nothing and these days, it just might save your life.


Which dealership was it?


You mean those magnificent 4cyl 320i which producing astonishing 180hp? man what a beast.
I guess I am not worthy :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds exactly what I would say, that’s why I am not in sales. :grin:


FWIW, I’ve been shopping for a month or so already with my lease expiring in September. I’ve been up front with dealers letting them know that I was trying to determine whether I wanted to wait for their car or potentially lease early with my current car brand through a Lease pull ahead program. The salesmen have been mostly understanding and helpful.


Just noticed it’s in NJ, care to share with dealership?
My experience with BMW of Tenalfy is pretty bad, I have a sales woman called me 3 times in the past 2 days, and only thing she said in the voice mail is demand me to call her back without stating why lol.

Shouldn’t gave them my #…:man_facepalming:


Have you tried reaching out to @bretbmw? He’s in NJ - Open Road in Edison


BMW of Springfield in Union, NJ!


Oh my! Yeah I usually don’t like to give my number at all. I share an email address that isn’t my main one.

The dealership was BMW of Springfield in Union, NJ!


That was also my experience with every other dealer except this one. Guy was a total douche.