Is this a realistic deal? (2021 Accord Sport 2.0T)

I called some local dealers and gather enough info to put together my own aggressive offer which I then sent to all the honda dealers near me.

The problem is that every single one of them has told me that it is impossible to do that monthly payment, this is despite the fact that they are using the same MF, RV, and similar msrp discount as I am yet their mo. payment is $30 - $80 higher than the payment I calculated.

How are they calculating those numbers? Is my offer too aggressive/impossible to do?
Anybody here can help me work this out?

08854 is my zip.

Any help is much appreciated.

You’re missing dmv fee, dealer fee 400-700, and more.

Is your rv and mf accurate, the residual looks like the default one no?

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You’re also not taxing this appropriately for NJ

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Do you know what the DMV fee would be for me? Last dealer I spoke to told me their dealer fee was $75 and thats what I have in the calculator.

Thats the residual I get from every dealer I speak to.

whats the proper tax?

$75 is the dealer fee limit for NY. If you’re talking to dealers in NJ, expect something closer to $4-500
Also, don’t forget the acquisition fee that you removed from the calculator.

There’s an option at the bottom of the calculator for states that are taxed up from such as NJ

I see, I updated the calculator using the $500 dealer fee and selected the right tax for NJ. Number is still lower than those offer to me. Thanks

Put the acquisition fee you removed back and you’re still missing dmv fees

Done, added $100 dmv fee and $595 acquisition fee. Not sure if those number are correct tho.

What did they charge for those fees on their lease breakdown?

They didnt metion any of those fees when asked what was included in the deal

Acquisition fee is standard and is what it is, so they rarely mention it. Same with gov fees. Your best bet at this point is to ask them for a breakdown of included fees, and don’t be surprised when they only send you dealer and .gov fees.

That’s not accurate at all for DMV fees in NJ. Three year registration should be around $260 and then title fee is $85 IIRC. Put in $400 for estimate sake.

Cool, I added $400 in gov fees. Mo. payment still lower than those I got from dealers.

What payment/das are they offering? Are they including any add ons? Honda dealers love their add ons.

What’s on the lease sheets that you are getting from these dealers?

Payments offered were in the $325 - $370 range. no add ons. Don’t know what das stands for?

didn’t get any lease sheets, it was all word of mouth.

Have you gotten quotes from Hamilton Honda, DCH Freehold, or Nanuet in Rockland County NY? Hamilton is a no nonsense volume dealer that doesn’t play games.

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