Is this a good Stinger deal?


2020 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD

Zip: 20171

MSRP: $52,700 Freight & Handling: $1,035
Total MSRP: 53,735
Selling Price: $43,000 (approx.) after rebates and includes tax
Monthly Payment: $560
Cash Down: $3000

Months: 24
Annual Mileage:12,000

Should I go for it? or should I try to push for a better monthly payment?

What are the incentives? I don’t know if they’re doing this again, but a few months ago there was almost 12k in lease incentives on the GT2 at 24 months.

I think you’re getting 0 dealer discount.

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Residual, MF?

Why? :man_facepalming:


I don’t remember the actual number. The dealer wouldn’t share a copy of the split up.

I believe the residual to be 53% and MF - 0.00175

Kia lease rebate of $9,700 and dealer rebate of $4,450

Is this DAS? or all cap reduction?

Don’t work with a dealer who refuses to be transparent.

What is a ‘dealer rebate’?

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All cap reduction

$4,450 was the dealer rebate

So they are not giving you all of that based on you’re original post. So that is step one to making this less horrible (will likely be bad no matter what)

I do not follow. Can you explain a little?

Because math

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If you’re not going to provide the pretax price, then at least provide the tax rate and where you’re located so we can figure out the pretax and thus if you’re even getting the full $9700 rebate and $4450 dealer discount as you say. Work with us here, we’re only trying to help you.

Edit, I see you’re in VA which is a punitive state for leasing. But it would still help if you give us more details of what the tax (and given VA: sales and property, apparently) amount is here.

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Did you check on edmunds forum?

I just helped my uncle buy a stinger like last week and I was able to get a selling price of $47,642 before incentives. I called multiple dealers throughout the state (California) who were unable to even come close to that offer. I even hit up some of the brokers on here and they said I had an aggressive offer for a white on red GT2. I think the best thing to do would be to lease buyout the car since the MF is so high on stingers.

What was msrp and did you get a greater discount than the trunk money in your region?

MSRP was $52,160. I got about 4.5k off and then they added the $9,300 incentive to that which brought it down to $38,342 before TTL. If there was any hidden trunk money other than the $9,300 incentive then I did not know about it. My terms were 24/10k because that gave the most lease cash.

I don’t understand why anyone would lease a Stinger at the prices they are going for. It’s a great car but there are so many better options. The G70 leases better. For that price you can get an M340i. Kia is pricing them selves out of the market just like with the Telluride. I love the Telluride but I got a Palisade because there is no way in hell I am paying $200 more per month for the Kia.