Is this a good deal? 2019 X5. 40i California

2019 X5 40i (SoCal)
MSRP $71000
Selling price $64098
Incentive $2750 (including conquest)

3 year 36K miles
MF 0.00128
Drive off: $2000
Monthly $834 + tax

Is it a good deal. The calculator that I’ve put in the number says the payment should be $700 +tax. Why such large difference.

Thanks in advance.

You need to show us the dealer’s lease worksheet for us to compare.

He won’t give me a work sheet (don’t want us to cross shop from another dealer.)

I think the selling price includes rebates. You’re actually only getting around 6% off or so it seems. When you add $3k to the selling price, calculator shows $846 with $2k due at signing which matches your numbers more closely

That’s enough reason to not buy from them.

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Not a good deal at all.

With Max MSDs and $2k drive off, this is the 2019 X5 40i $65-$70kish MSRP scale imo:

$500 and under = unicorn

$500-$550 = super super super strong

$550-$600 = very strong

$600-$700 = average, maybe slightly above average (by leasehackr standards)

$700 -$800 = meh

Over $800, hire a broker

Nearly impossible (hence unicorn) to get into those first two brackets without qualifying for tons of incentives, OL code, etc. I was able to find $2,500 and $600 a month with minimal work on a $67k X5 demo.

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I had issues with getting any loaner w/luxury seating + drivers assistance + at least premium pack for under $750 a month, tried at least 10-15. I also found dealers seem to care more about M sport on 5 series than x5’s, I had several ca’s and sm point out M sport package on the 540s but never once on the X5, none of this may pertain to op but just my personal experience (I hit 10-15 dealers to give you a rough idea)

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Most loaner doe snot have much options on it. (especially Driving Assistance Package or Backup.) I’ve used Autotrader/Carguru to narrow down the option. To get those, most MSRP will be at around $70K+ (most loaner the dealer picked the lower tier ones.)

Even without MSD the price point should be only $30-40 more right or do you guys see major discount from that. It seems like dealer are willing to discount DEMO a tad more. The $800+ does not seem like a good deal.

This is where the number doesn’t seemed to lined up. He claimed $71k MSRP, selling price $64K (10%) then added another $2750 incentive down to $61350. When I plugged into the calculator, the number does line up wtih his claim of $830. It should be more like $700+tax

You’re at an effective $955 (almost $900 a month with tax, plus ($2,000/36) - this deal is not good at all.

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yup, most are just premium pack, there are some loaners with exec + luxury seating + drivers assistance but yes they are 70k.

Good majority of loaners I see here in the NE are typically packaged the same. Most are P1 (a few P2) with convenience.

Very few have HK sound, and for $65-$70k, a crappy base sound system is absurd!


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check my deal
shipping to cal will be around 1,300

@212hackr do you have any examples and/or broker deals on this site or elsewhere that you can point to for the low end of your range? Also, are your numbers excluding tax?

Master Urus I believe half my post was relevant to OP

@OP, get the lease sheet or find a new dealer. Maybe the MF is marked up to the max + $1-2k in dealer add ons. This car should be around effective $800 or lower. I paid $898 effective payment in August beginning because I wanted a very specific build. Gray/Cognac with premium 2 and drive assist PRO, 20inch rims. IMO wouldn’t buy this car without those 2 packages minimum.

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It took me all of an hour to find one for $2,500 and $600 a month, I know the BMW market pretty well.

You can find a million broker deals here that are $600-$700 with fees upfront, that’s why I labeled them average, they aren’t hard to find (average, for here).

Hence, beating them is strong, beating them by a wide margin jumps to unicorn territory.


Also, fwiw, I’m not bashing the X5 at all (I don’t think anyone interpreted my comments as such, but I wanted to make sure it is clear), I like the car a lot. My comment about the sound system is universal for all “luxury” vehicles; at $70k I think a base sound system is ridiculous. Same goes for MB, Audi, Volvo, etc.

MB does have the upgraded sound in the P1 package on the new GLE, which is on almost any vehicle you’ll find - I’m a little turned off that BMW doesn’t include it in their P1, something that irks me, but whatever. As someone who has driven both (currently have a GLE), the BMW drives much better, imo.