Is this a good deal; 2017 Chevrolet Equinox LS FWD Lease

I helped a friend lease 2017 Chevrolet Equinox LS FWD over the last week. He made one-pay amount (all inclusive) $4850 on MSRP (sticker) $26540 for 24 mo-10k miles. He was eligible for conquest bonus and had GM supplier discount. He lives in PA but got this lease from a NJ dealership.

Do you think we could have done better? I understand we can’t go back and fix anything now, but I’d still like to get feedback on areas where we could have focussed to get a better pricing. I am attaching the ‘dealership calculation worksheet’ for reference.

Update: I’ve updated the dealership name. Its Hawthorne Chevrolet in Hawthorne, NJ. Future buyers, beware. You have been warned.

Sounds a bit high on a one pay since we have seen deals in the low 100s without one pay, but nothing to cry about.

Hi, I’m new here too, wait a little more for the pros to weigh on, but from what i see, u didn’t negotiate much on the selling price. ~1000$ off is meh, 10% min off is ok’ed here. more than 12% is patted on the back. so you lost close to 1500 there. Rest is great. Also try and avail costco cash offer for 700 off. Here’s a similar deal on a LT for better idea.

4850/24 = 202 is good, <1% MSRP per month payment is generally considered good, nothing to feel bad about. but could’ve done at 2650 if you factor in 700 costco cash and another 1500 off selling price with negotiations. Also, check if the money factor is from direct GM financial and is not marked up by the dealer.

Thanks for your feedback.

For any future or current potential buyers, I’ve updated dealership name; its Hawthorne Chevrolet, Hawthorne, NJ.

What is the $325 state fee or optional product?