Is this a good deal? 2016 Infiniti Q50 3.0 premium 46960 sticker

2016 Infiniti Q50 3.0 premium

950 due at signing
323 a month with socal tax

I do not know mf, residual, or actual selling price

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Based on your numbers alone, this looks like a great deal!

Ditto looks great. Was this their initial offer?

Not a bad deal. Post more details if the transaction goes through.

It’s a great deal for that msrp. Def post details.

They wont budge any lower

323 with tax
950 at signing


46960 car

Should I pull the trigger? Was gonna wait til month end but worry car might not last. Only has 6 miles on odo

What does the 950 consist of ?

I don’t know I assume first months payment and dmv

Try to get it down to just first month and it sounds amazing to me. If you did 0 down completely. Let’s say he rolled it in your payment would be 347.
For a 47k car sounds amazing.

My tlx is a 41k car and I pay 327/mo and only get 7500 miles/yr.

Which dealer you working with cuz im about to go haha::grimacing:

They wont budge 1 more dollar

they were stuck at 313 but after back and forth they came down to 299 and 950 drive off

Did Yu qualify for all the incentives. Military, recent college grad, loyalty?

They might also have a Black Friday deal but you risk losing the car.

Just go get it and be happy!

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my 43k q50 is $332 tax included, nothing out of pocket for almost 47k sounds like a good deal.

Yes good deal and enjoy it

Please post details when you get it!

BRB finding this car and snagging it from under OP’s feet…

Same here :eyes: It’s a good deal

Haven’t taken it yet. Car is black really wanted white

Would you settle on color for amazing price?

If price is right color don’t matter to me. Your turning it in after 2 or 3 years anyway