Is there an app for leasehackr?

I’d like an app to help with navigating the forums and even receive notifications. Is there anything like that available?

There is a browser born app at least on my samsung UI. It’s not really an app, more of a standalone browser segment. It’s in my app drawer with rest of my apps

One downside of using the browser-based app for leasehackr, you cannot do find on a page. Which is much easier on a browser itself.

I don’t know but I have a hard time navigating this forum. Why are the brokers posts dated from months ago but the recent months deals are posted in the same post. Then there’s 100s of replies and you have to scroll forever to get to the recent ones.

If you click on the slider on the right side of the thread, you can scroll right down to the most recent post.

On mobile? I don’t see a slider

You’re post number 6 of 6. On mobile, if you click the box that says 6/6 it brings up a box that says jump to post # and you just type the number you want. Not needed much on a short thread like this but very useful for the threads with a few hundred posts.

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I’m so glad this forum isn’t vbulletin, this is one of THE most mobile friendly forums out there


Thanks, Mike. I was too lazy to look for it
Edit: I thought you found the original thread :grin:

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