App for leasehacker


Is there an app for leasehacker? if not we should try to have one. What does everyone think? Much easier to access


On Android I have the opportunity to basically make it an app when I access it in Chrome


I personally don’t really see the need for an app. I’m really digging the interface both on desktop browser and Android chrome browser. I can’t think of any functionality that à dedicated app would add.


Agreed. Same in iOS. You can add it to your home screen essentially giving the accessibility of an app.

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The app would be able to push notifications, so that would be one advantage. But I agree the mobile site is quite good.

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An advantage of the App could be the availability of an offline leasehackr calculator l. This could be useful for running numbers if you are at the dealership and don’t have the best service or they don’t offer wifi. Notifications would be another benefit.

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Leasematic is a good lease calculator app if you need one

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I do feel like a mobile app could help the devs offset costs by charging a small amount for a premium version. I’m sure a lot of us would be willing to pay for it to support the devs.


Does it include MSD?


Yes, that’s an option.


The mobile site is pretty good.

A paid app that would gather the info on the lease deals, sorting them by state brand model etc. Similar but better than Honcker, would be awesome.
I am aware of the amount of work something like this would require, it is just an idea.

Again, for the forum discussions, the mobile site is perfect.

My 2 cents. Thanks for reading.


I don’t see the point other than generating more work and overhead for the Michael. The mobile site renders perfectly on iPhone so I don’t see a reason why we should create an app just to have an app…so many failed executions because people just want more apps!


The app that another member pointed out for the calculator isn’t the best (in my opinion), I’m new to leasing and it was harder to use. I would like to see a app for just the leasehackr calculator and wouldn’t mind paying for it.


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Switch to Android :sunglasses:


What forum software powers leasehackr? I’m interested as I need something similar for a totally unrelated site. Nothing to do with leading or cars.

Response much appreciated.



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Many thanks.