Is the GM employee discount really the bottom line?

I’m shopping for a GMC Sierra. 3 dealers, 3 different prices. I ask them how can we reduce the cost and I always get the, “This is the employee price, we can’t go lower.”

I’ve always been able to go way below employee on Chryslers.

Anyone have experience?

You can find out the employee price at I used employee pricing on my V and whatever rebates were available at the time. For a truck, at least in my area, id want at least 10k off, which is a little more than employee depending on trim.

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Thanks. Dealer showed me GMS (employee) price no issue. Prob is, they say price is the price, can’t go lower than GMS. Just trying to confirm if I’m being fed a line of BS.

They can go as low as they want to it they have the motivation to do so. It sounds like they do not have that motivation right now.

I used GMS on my V, because at the time that was the best price you could get. If i was looking for a GM model right now, i wouldnt even use it, just negotiate more of a discount.

Unless a model is selling like hotcakes, you can likely negotiate a better discount than the employee pricing discount. It’s up to you to do the negotiating though. Employee pricing merely nets you an OK/GOOD deal, not a leasehackr worthy deal though.

Really! If you do a search you’ll find people saying OMG GMS I scored an amazing deal, can’t beat it, etc etc.

Amateurs? Are we in the land of elite lease deal hacking? If so…I want to become a paying subscriber. This is gold. Now I just need to prove it’s true and find the deal.

GMC Sierra Denali. Is it possible to score one below GMS in Michigan?

Gms on a sierra denail is only 7k with the 1k rebate. Doing something wrong if you cant negotiate more than that.

Example I am working with, no rebates included yet:

MSRP is 61,945
Invoice is 57,614
GMS is 55,525

Think it’s possible to negotiate more than $2,100 below invoice without GMS?

Of course its possible, depending on your location. Im in a big truck area and online for example dealers are offering 7k off F150 Platinum’s.

How far below invoice are those deals?

Here’s a perfect example. I leased a 2017 Volt LT in June (MSRP $35,095).

My negotiated pre-incentive dealer price was $31,342 ($3,748 dealer discount).

GM employee price for the exact same vehicle is $32,560 ($2,531 discount). So my self-negotiated deal was over $1,200 better than the employee discount.

Employee discount is usually GOOD, but if you’re a grinder like most of us on this forum, you can get better.

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Thanks. What was your method?

Present a realistic and firm offer and walk if they dont accept.

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Took the advice given here and called a few dealers today. Got this deal, picking it up Tuesday. Really appreciate your help Yinzer and bro99!

2016 Denali w Ultimate Package
61785 msrp
36 mos / 15k miles
530/mo zero due / sign & drive

They went $1,000 below GMS and threw in an OEM tonneau cover installed (roughly $700ish)

GM allows their dealers to go below GMS when the model year is halfway through. For example they can go below GMS on 2016s on July 1. Right now they are not allowed to show numbers on a 2017 deal that are below GMS.

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Enjoy your new truck!

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Another example: I leased a 2017 Volt LT in Maryland on August 31 for $4,245 below MSRP. Lots of help from bro1999 on that project. Lots of great ideas on LeaseHackr and on the gm-volt site.

Also: Fighting Chance is a very good buyer guide service that gave me an effective strategy. They are willing to coach you through the process and evaluate your deals–over the phone!

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And another thing: one of the dealers I was working with told me that he would give me the GM employee discount using a code from a retiree. His price was not competitive. It felt like I was being played. Not good! Sad!

Sorry to bump a 2.5 year old thread. This was the closest I found to answering my question but it didn’t.

Does anyone know what the direct GM to dealer rebate is when using GMS? I assume that GM does not compensate the dealer for the full GMS discount, but I believe there must be some sort of compensation from GM when using the program. I am trying to to prepare for leasing with GMS which I’ve never done before.

For example:

MSRP as Configured†. $41,690.00
GM Employee Discount Price** $38,464.07

7.7%/$3226 discount. Terrible. Is GM giving the dealer back a percentage of this, or $1000 per code used, or what?

It seems like it’s easier to negotiate without a GMS code than with one since as soon as you bring it up dealers will act like the negotiation is closed, so I’m hoping that there is some hidden benefit to actually using one.

@chevysalesgirl might know the answer.

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