Is the GM employee discount really the bottom line?

to put it simple… bottom line is contingent on the entire deal structure and how much a dealer is willing to take a hit.
you’re well into the negative with employee pricing, so if someone did not have a code and turned their nose up at it, you are pretty much walking from a solid deal. with a code is a different dealio.

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It is most certainly not the bottom line. They can offer flex cash if they have any available + other incentives.

Thanks Trish. So are dealers actually “in the negative” with a GMS code, or does GM reimburse the dealer for using the code?

If no reimbursement, seems like there’s really no benefit to using it other than easily getting a solid deal vs working a little to get there. 7-8% discount isn’t exactly hackr worthy :rofl:

I got another 1k off after Gms and rebates on my Cts V!

Last I used a GMS code was a few years back. But at that time the dealer got a 5% of MSRP spiff. It’s not clear about other OEM to dealer incentives like holdback and other items. Dealers love to do (true) GMS deals to employee eligible people unless it’s some superhot/hard to get model.

Regarding the amount of the GMS discount, it’s not a fixed percentage. It varies with the model.

Great info, thanks!

I think targeting an extra 5% off selling price after GMS would be a reasonable request. I’ll try it and let you guys know how it goes :rofl:

Back in my Saab/GM days, employee deals were basically net net for the customer, as cheap as you could get. Supplier deals were a bit over invoice and we actually made good money. We use to not be able to charge doc fees on employee deals either. If it’s a true employee price I’d say good luck getting any more off. They didn’t reimburse you much either, it didn’t even get the dealer back to invoice.

Those were the good ol’ days, when GMS and GSU got a good discount right out of the gate. Now that the gap between MSRP + Invoice has closed, the discounts aren’t anywhere as good as they used to be.

What use to burn me is that Saab dealer employees didn’t even get employee pricing like other GM dealers, we’re always the redheaded step child. That’s okay though, I use to order loaners spec’d out the way I wanted and leased those cars, or one the owner drove for a year and wrote down a ton.

That kinda sucks, since GM slowly made Saab a rebadged Chevy/Pontiac/Saturn and killed off almost all the quirkinesses that made Saab a Saab at the end.

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And that’s the GM sad SAAB story

Mostly just a rebagded Trailblazer/Rainier and the Saabaru. The 9-7X was the nicest version of that car you could buy, and at one point the 9-2X was actually cheaper than the Subaru and allot nicer, plus free maintenance. The worst part was when GM execs would come in and tell you how great their crappy Trailblazer and Saabaru were and then lied about how the 9-3 couldn’t have AWD, just to see it released a few years later. If they would have listened to the dealers more, they could have saved brand and been a real contender, instead they just killed it slowly.

They did differentiate the 9-3 from the Malibu/G6/Aura enough that the layman wouldn’t know they were all Epsilons

I think some of you know that in addition to my Alfa, I also have a 2002 Saab 9-3 Viggen. The exterior has not held up well to time (in part due to the previous owner), but the engine is absolutely killer. Even today. Drop it into 3rd gear at 40 and punch it, and cross 90 before you can barely blink. I am curious to know how it drives without the torque limiting in 1st and 2nd gear.

I remember when Saab was starting its slow demise and you could lease the 9-2x Aero in the 200s with minimal upfronts. Now that would have been fun.

Saab was so far ahead of itself, it just missed the boat. They committed completely to 4 cylinder turbo engines before it was cool.

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I thought Saabs were great cars. They just became too corporate GM at the end due to the bean counters. GM didn’t market or position them well either.


Im purchasing a 2018 XT5 that was a service shuttle with 2000 miles. Being sold as new. It was $42,745. It comes with a total of $12,184 dollars in incentives. I told them about me being qualified or the Gm Family discount. Told me he would honor it but didn’t have an exact amount on the savings as I didn’t have a number yet…Any guesses on savings… I’m happy at 30K from a 42.7k vehicle but hey a discount is a discount. (sister was a 30 year employee).

Any update on this?

Still waiting on Number from my sister. Dealer said car will be ready to pick up Monday, but I have a setback. Hope I dont lose the deal. Cancer surgery got scheduled for Monday in Phoneix, I live in Kingman and have to go to Vegas to get it. So I cant get there till Thursday due to required rest after the surgery…dang.

Looking at the GM family website, a base XT5 has an MSRP of $42690 and an employee discounted price of $38924.74. You then get all of the incentives as well. So since you have $12184 in incentives I calculate that you could get a new one for around $30k plus taxes and tags etc.

Dealers can also discount the employee price below the stock price to get you a better deal.

For that used car with 2k miles I’d have them discount even more.

The salesman sounded positive that it was going to be a reasonable amount. I guess a few grand more…2…maybe 2.5. He said he was shooting for 27,900 for me. Plus taxes of course…Probably out the door at 30K ish…fingers crossed.