Is it worth to lease Tesla model y

there is deep discount ($7K) on model y rear drive, guess its year 2023 and no longer eligible for tax credit.

Its about $18K for a 36m/10k, including tax.

Wondering if that’s a reasonable price to lease a model y. I know its RWD. thoughts?

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You might have missed the boat on some great Ioniq, Ariya and Mercedes EQE deals unless they are still running March programs thru Monday.

Are you eligible for the tax credit if you bought an EV?

Thanks for your reply! I’m in NorCal, and never find a good deal on Ioniq. I was also looking VW ID 4 too.

No, I don’t qualify for any EV tax credit.

Nah teslas are trash, coming from an owner.

Get an ix, etron or eqe and take advantage of cheap lease and try an electric car at short term lease. They are not for everyone.

Friend just took a delivery of Model Y, the whole front is misaligned


That’s a lot to pay for a car that is so non-unique. I mean, everyone has one. There are so many options for EV leases right now - Ioniq 5, 6, EV6, ID4, Ariya, EQE, EQS, Q4, Q8, RZ, i4, Mach-E, VinFast, haha, all for $18k or even less for 3 years. The $7k 2 year one-pays on the Ioniq 6 are gone for Cali, but Luxwhatever just posted an Ariya for under $300 with inceptions at drive-off. Only 18 month lease, but still a bargain on a nice looking EV that’s somewhat unique. I’m sure there will still be EV deals in April.

It would have been worth it in 2018 or whenever it first came out, but there are just way too many of them. Maybe wait for the refresh if you really want a Model Y. They’ll look a little different, and supposed to be quieter and softer.


You can lease an EQS with 120k-130k MSRP for the same price…

Actually, there’s also 2.5k DAS that’s hidden unless you expand it. So it’s more like 20k+ over 3 years. Just looked up a 24 months lease on the same model Y, it costs more than my AMG EQE lease…

i should have mentioned that $18k includes everything. basically 35*monthly payment + drive off (first month + all fees).

No Tesla insurance is even higher than ix and eqe eqs
. Keep that in mind, and for those you have free charging at Electrify America


thanks! I didn’t know there was “$7k 2 year one-pays on the Ioniq 6”. it was too good to pass. I was interested in Ioniq 5. There is some auto group has ioniq 5 limited RWD about $480 monthly payment (36/10, including tax, 0 drive off) plus dealer fee ($800). SEL RWD is about $100 less. Is that a good deal?

I also checked Ariya. I felt 10k might not be enough for 18 months.

I think it’s 10k miles per year which means 15k miles for 18 months. You should double check.

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Historically speaking, the current Tesla Model Y lease is one the best leases Tesla has offered. If you want a Model Y, it’s a reasonable price, however I would opt for LR which is usually less than $25/mo more. Also, make sure you use a Tesla referral code.

Compared to the broader EV market, it’s still not a very good lease program. If you are after value, look elsewhere. If you are after a Model Y, I would act before prices rise next month (ie today).

The Ariya signature lease has one of the lower mileage mid-term charges in the industry at $0.10 per mile. Generally, makes more sense to just buy them at some point before lease termination.


The LR’s not bad but the 2023 RWD’s are pretty exceptional if you don’t need AWD since you can effectively get the same range out of one as an AWD

The pack for the 2023 RWD is a software locked LR pack (You can charge it to 100% and it’s the same as charging an LR to ~89%)

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But the lease program is worse on the RWD. Hence only a ~$25/mo difference in payment, that’s ~$900 total extra cost for everything the LR offers (awd, dual motors, acceleration boost, upgraded stereo).



This is based on the cheapest LR and RWD available in VA.

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2023 still has the good audio.
2024 has the nerfed audio.

I get where you’re going though. :+1:

I was unaware of the audio changes. What got nerfed?

Fewer speakers, one less sub from what I read.

Bro im like pasting back and forth with the marketplace hoping a ix deal comes. Or im gonna pull the trigger on a tesla awd long range

They’re really not even in the same league TBH.

X 5 seat is comparable to an iX.

Y 5/7 is more comparable to an EQB/EQE SUV.

Thats why i havent pulled the trigger lol

eqb maybe, eqe suv is actually on par or nicer than model X. I owned a model X.