Is it worth to lease Tesla model y

reached to a dealer for 2023 Ariya Empower+ FWD 18M / 10K, for MSRP $56k. Initial offer:

  • total lease cost: $8600 with max MSDs, about $480/m (including tax), or
  • total lease cost $7600 w/ one pay (and I have to put $5k MSDs separately), about $480/m (including tax)

I didn’t ask those fees, so I just put a lump sum there so to match the final total costs. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

I didn’t really negotiate and there should be room to improve the numbers. What do you think about this offer? is it good or just okay-ish?

I saw those insane Ariya deals recently but they’re all in the east coast.

Go with a broker for the Ariya. There are pretty good deals on the IONIQ 5 Limited AWD too. The IONIQ 5 LTD has way more features than a Model Y for a cheaper price and is more luxurious. Might be less sporty though.

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so I ended up leasing 2023 Ariya Empower+ FWD 18M / 10K, for MSRP $56k.

Did one pay with MSDs. The total cost of lease is around 6.5k (including tax, but excluding MSds or lease disposition fee)