Is Infiniti back? 2022 QX60

Gotta be honest, I thought Infiniti was pretty much done for but look! they’ve listened! ditched the CVT, sorted out the interior, I quite like the design - it’s not groundbreaking but it’s kinda pretty for a ‘luxe’ 3 row SUV…


I was surprised as well when Motor Trend made the post.

I think they did a great job

That interior is a new and redesigned? Looks like it was ripped from a mid-2010s Lexus.


They have been out the game for so long… Finally something worthy of looking at,

they ditched the worst transmission in the world to take the 2nd worst. this is the same thing that was in the last gen MDX. it sucks.


I looked at all 67 pictures (including the rear storage for instrument crates of former CEOs), the seat leather looks like it came out of a 1980s MB 300D.


The hvac control panel looks like a kenwood or clarion aftermarket radio from late 90s early 2000s. the rest of the dash the more I’m looking at it the more I can’t decide if it’s more Lexus or more Acura. Weird car.

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Steering wheel looks straight out of lexus, and did they go haptic buttons on the control panel? yikes

These are going to make for great airport rental upgrades and $450/month leases when the market normalizes.





I think its looking pretty good. Kind of odd to me that they regressed all the way back to the 3.5. I wonder if that is still the same old VQ??

@aronchi , where did you get the details on the transmission model?

It’s a zf 9 speed

It looks like they brought it out of 2005 and into 2015.

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ah, ok, found that in a different article.

Hell, I had no idea the current QX60 still uses the old VQ35. good god!

They’re not quite dead yet, but they’re still on a ventilator…now we’ll see what they do with the ancient Q50.

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Agreed. I think it would be perfectly fine, however non-luxe brands like Kia and Hyundai have essentially moved the market on with Telluride and Palisade which came out 2 years ago! I wonder if it will be enough to tempt buyers back into the brand after being out of the game for so long.

I was looking forward to this vehicle and thought after 8 years they would put in some serious upgrades since all their competition is doing it and Infiniti as a company needs to dig itself out of the hole they are in but I think this vehicle isn’t going to save Infiniti. this vehicle is below mediocre in it’s class at best

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What don’t you like about the 9 speed? The 8 speed is pretty popular in German makes.

I read that Acura recently released an update that makes the 9-spd much better🤷🏼‍♂️

No, acura went to the 8 speed lol