Internet sales manager

Who would be the contact If you are dealing with a internet sales manager and he is trying to do something completely wrong or unethical? Is there somebody directly above him to speak with? If you contact the GSM is he usually in his back pocket or will they actual deal with the issue? Thanks for the feedback!

You could just move on and try someone else. Personally, if someone was doing something shady, I wouldn’t waste my time kicking and screaming, I’d just tell them they lost my business and call it a day.


That is usually the best option but My question is more IF, you would like to contact somebody whom and how? What would the process be? Would it even matter? Maybe go beyond the dealership? BMW rep? Thanks again

What’s the issue? Nobody can say if it’s worth it or not without some background.

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It has nothing to do with the issue. I don’t think that’s relevant to my question. Maybe I should have structured my question differently.

If you have a problem with an internet sales manager who would you speak with? I don’t know the chain of command at a dealership.

Probably the General Manager. To your other question as to if it would matter, to @mp11477 's point, we can’t answer that without context. If it is truly something egregious and unethical, the GM may take action, but more often than not its simpler to just move on and deal elsewhere.


If its something that stupid that u dont want share probably not worth wasting ur time on… like everyone else said just move on there lots more dealers.


I understand, I just don’t have an exact situation that I’m approaching. I have already moved on. I’m more asking for future reference and opinions.

WTH is going on with this site? Every time somebody asks a question it either gets closed or people just say move on.

I have an idea, instead of closing a post or giving a response that merits no help to the actual question, move on! It’s okay to not give feedback. This is not directed to any individual hackr but I’m seeing this a lot!


I once searched for the chain of command on LinkedIn and found not just GM but the owner of the whole company and wrote him detailed email of the shit dealership tried to pull (including GM). He replied and involved his assistant to get the whole sorry.
I don’t expect anything was done but I at least felt satisfied that I said things out loud to a higher up.


Thank you @Lvs23 Much appreciated!

I try and search for the staff of the dealership and if possible contact them directly. I’ve had success that way. Easy way to avoid the Internet people if you don’t wanna speak with them.

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People can’t truly answer your question without all the information.


You will probably be wasting your time. GMs and GSMs have bigger fish to try - and if an ISM was dicking you around they are probably cool with it.


This. They probably will send you a generic apology message, and have a good chuckle about it together.


The topics are closed because they break forum rules (typically wanted ads or people think that they need to create a thread for every single little question they have instead of putting them all together). Moderation is necessary to keep the forum flowing smoothly.

We frequently say move on because it isn’t worth it to fight the dealership. There are plenty of other dealerships out there. Why waste your time “making things right” if you haven’t actually done any business with them? Life is too short to fight for justice for every little misdeed that we experience


Considering that the entire purpose of the existence of most “Internet” sales departments (and naturally, their managers) is to get you to get your foot in the door, they probably get a good deal of leeway with what they are allowed to say to get you to come to the dealership. I’m making a bit of a blanket statement here but I’d venture that the vast majority of GM’s, dealership owners, etc couldn’t care less about their customers getting screwed or ripped off. They care about their customers CATCHING them screwing them or ripping them off. Also, a lot of these terms are relative too. Is it really screwing someone to sell a car at sticker price if the buyer agrees to do it? If the buyer is cool with the nitro fill, etch and pro pack, did they get ripped off? Around these parts we know the answer to those questions, but 95%+ of the population doesn’t even give it a second thought.

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This is the type of answers that can keep our community going. Great answer and thanks for taking the time to give me your opinion. Much better then move on!

If you have an old-school GM and GSM then all of this is probably true. As Internet Director I don’t want to bring people in who are just going to blow out in a tantrum. My goal is to figure out if the customer fits the dealership’s business model and if so, get them to want to to business with my store. If not I will absolutely send them an offer on a Type R. It is saved on my desktop and ready to unload at any given moment. Ah crap I am getting all turned on at work now.


Personally I think life is just too short. I’m British so I’m basically a level 10 complainer, it’s my favorite hobby! but really, the most you’ll likely get is a fake apology so it’s hardly worth the time.

I’ve dealt with a couple of shitty dealers in the past and just took my frustration out on a good, mean Google/Yelp review because it made me feel slightly better.