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No, that would be tough to get for that market on a prestige. Should be doable on a premium plus


If you had to give two tips to someone looking for a deal on a Q5, in SoCal, what would they be?


Why does the internet dept able to do better deals? Would the floor manager not approve the same deals the internet manager is approving?


Does a salesman get the same commission on a lease as if it were a traditional buy/finance sale?


Depends. My old store used to pay a “double mini” ($200) on Leases to promote leasing. But normally its all the same.


You had a monster month then!


Current store is $100 mini. Gotta move a lot of cars to make it happen. SoCal Leasing was very common but in Northern AZ it’s kinda a newer concept.



Im negotiating a GLC loaner with 3k miles but it has a damage reported in Carfax. The dealer sent me the pics of the damage (Paint chip and cracks in the bumber) which he says is fixed.

I need some guidance on how to approach this. Is it worth a risk to take ? How much discount should I negotiate ? Please advice.



I would personally pass on that car regardless of the discount.

But if you the discount is substantial just make sure you paint meter the car and make sure the readings are consistent and no other panels had prior work done to it.


Why would a small repair like that get reported to Carfax? Just because a dealer did it?


It probably not a small damage. It was big enough for them to claim insurance to have it repaired.


Are there any Audi lease deals for under 350?


How much negotiating do you recommend doing online via e-mail before coming in to see the car?
Also, is it better to refer to a specific stock number or just give the general model/trim you’re looking for?



Ivan -

Are the S7’s even available to test drive yet? Local dealers are saying it will be months before they arrive in stock. Do you have any sense of that will be?


I saw your website has A3 e-Tron for $335 a month. What is the best you can get it for me for 10,000-12,000 miles. for 39 or 36 months. I have 2014 lexus in household under my name. Not sure you guys still honor that.


“good price” is subjective. If the client thinks their deal was good or fair at $300/mo, just let it be, instead of them tripping over “shit I could’ve gotten $50 more off”


To answer your second question, the “floor” or sales manager (guy behind the desk, different than the “closer” that tries to get more money on the floor), still approves the Internet deals (at least at my dealership) but from working at a dealership, it was almost assumed that internet (aka Fleet) would handle the Costco deals and AAA deals and just do lower profit and larger volume. so Retail (floor) would try to make up for that by making bangers.

That’s not to say Internet can’t still make money by ripping your trade and selling 3M coatings and crap too.

Now I always ask directly for the ISM. 90% of the time they will just go crazy low, better than Costco could ever get you.


What’s ISM ?


Internet sales manager


The survey topic is an interesting one. The Internet Sales Manager who was the one who closed my deal was non-responsive and went silent after he contacted me before signing my lease.

I went to the dealership in late November to test drive the vehicle I was interested in and was dealing with two Salespeople at one time (at the desk). I left without the car that evening, as I wanted to go over the numbers. That night, one of them called me and said that if I waited until the end of December, they could give me the deal I wanted. So I agreed.

Fast-forward to a few days before the date I was told the deal would be on the table (due to rebates, incentives, and discounts), and I get a call then hang up from a number I did not recognize (thus, I did not answer it). A few minutes later, I receive another call from the same phone number and a voicemail - it was the Internet Sales Manager asking if I was still interested in the vehicle. He asked if I would let him know either way (intent to lease or not) and because I believe everyone’s time is valuable, I texted him back (after calling first - there was no answer). I told him I did want the vehicle. However, he comes back to me with the same numbers as the month before. I attempted to call him again and leave a message explaining what I was willing to pay and that I was told (in email and by text), it was doable.

No response.

I texted then emailed and did not hear from him. I gave it a day and did the same again, asking for the same courtesy I extended to him - let me know either way if the deal I had in writing was doable and if not, I was okay with that, but I needed to know. He never replied.

So I contacted the other salesperson who offered me the deal I wanted, and she responded that he was proposing the car at the numbers the month prior. So, he was aware of my attempts to get ahold of him but was ignoring me at this point. I reminded her of the numbers she offered, forwarded her the texts, and she told me they would do the deal at the terms I desired.

So when I stop at the dealership, the man who had ignored me is the one who is working with me on finalizing it. He is all smiles, handshakes, “do you need anything,” etc. Now, he is a great salesperson to me. Before driving away in the new car, he reminds me about the survey and how less than anything of five stars across the board is a fail to those on the other end. I was so tempted to say something but did not.

The issue is, his behavior should be noted, and I should have the right to share how he treated me. However, too many people are retaliatory these days. And although I am not concerned about him physically coming at me, you can easily screw someone’s life up (or make it a lot more difficult) with the information the dealer has.

I do not feel I am unreasonable in wanting to let the company know how he treated me before I was signing the contract, but it looks as though one can have possible issues with this action. I will not lie and give an excellent survey, but I will not be foolish either. Unfortunately, it appears that the best answer is not to complete the study (especially if they know who submitted it). I still have to get the car serviced there and may need the assistance of the dealer in the future.