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Definitely understand what you are saying. I had a similar issue with a guest. Guest loved working with me but had an issue with finance (over sports :softball:) and guest made a comment about it after finance. I mentioned there is a section about finance but it only affects me and not the actual finance manager. But i let them know they can write anything they would like in the comments section about the experience. They wrote 2 paragraphs… the finance director then sat him down. But it didn’t affect me. :crazy_face:


That’s my experience with many salespeople/managers/dealers - They don’t follow up. Don’t take it personally. They get a zillion calls and E-mails.

It’s not a real survey. Its a binary pass/fail test where real money to the salesman will or will not be granted.

Nobody really cares what you have to say in the survey - you voted with your buy decision. If you want to have a better buying experience stop doing business with people that treat you poorly.


It is always business, never personal, but rules of etiquette still apply in my world. He was contacting me all of the time prior so; I do not believe that to be the issue.

Enh. This transaction was a bit different. I live by the rule to never patronize those who show they do not care for my money, loyalty, or business (and I stick to that conviction - I have for decades). I had no idea that particular individual would be the one I was going to deal with upon arrival, as the other salesperson was the one in which I was communicating. In the end, the deal I got allowed me to adopt a business decision where emotions have no place. I would have been foolish to walk away from an incredible offer (and one that was better than I had asked for).

Now, had he been disrespectful (at all), I would have walked.


Which is more effective - negotiating online or face to face?


Depends on the manager. Some prefer in person but others like myself rather have the deal done when you arrive.

Most will tell you to do all your cross shopping before you go to the dealer.


I leased an Audi from a local dealer that lied to me during the credit process. They claimed that AFS only considers TransUnion, and they refused to let me see the decision from AFS or what criteria AFS used. They would only show me my TransUnion score, and a computer screen that put me at Tier 3. I know my scores were close, but I had run them before going in to the dealer and they ranged from 715 to 735. Mind you, this was a day after I had negotiated the buy rate MF or I would walk. They had me apply for credit online and never told me there was an issue. Over the phone, they told me AFS considers all three bureau scores and takes the highest. When I got to the dealer they claimed that AFS only uses TransUnion, and I had no recourse. I had arrived in a cab since I had turned in my previous lease. I threatened to walk again, and they comped me AudiCare. But I know they lied to me and used this as a ruse to jack up the MF, because I had negotiated 13% off MSRP on the deal (thanks to help from this forum). So my payment is $35 higher than it would have been. I don’t mind dealers making money. But I hate being lied to. What should I do?


Did you already take the deal? Not really anything to do after the fact.


AFS do use the highest score of the three bureaus. If you have already taken delivery of the vehicle, there is not much you can do, unfortunately.


Yes I already signed the lease. I think my only recourse is to contact the dealer and tell them they have lost my business and my referrals. At least now I know, and anyone else facing the same issue can avoid being deceived. I appreciate your responses.


They will laugh so hard. This does nothing. You do have one last hope, though. Contact the GM and tell him your story. Back it up with facts/evidence and if they really lied to you, he may fix it. You may lose the Audicare, though. But seriously, if you didn’t like the deal, you should have walked. That is the biggest problem you have.


Had I known they were lying, I would have walked. I didn’t find out until later. I did have a bad feeling and should have trusted my instinct.


Burn them on the survey


This only impacts the salesman. If the salesman didn’t lie to you, DO NOT DO THIS. It can cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars. Or fill out completely satisfied for the multiple choice ones and then type in your complaints


Okey, leave then some terrible online reviews. I know it hurts the sales person but it’s about the only way you can stick it to a dealer for their terrible behavior. The tier bump is so shady and happens all the time.


The original salesman whom I made the deal with left the dealer a few weeks before the lease was signed. He had told me AFS considers all scores, and primarily considers Experian FICO 8, and I was a 735 at the time so I wasn’t worried. The only reason I asked was because I had to get my wife a car in November, which was not planned, and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t have an impact. My original salesman assured me it wouldn’t be an issue.
The Friday before I went to the dealer at the end of December, the new salesman handling my order and the sales manager were both on speaker phone with me, saying AFS considers all three scores and takes the highest score, and that the dealer can bump tiers. Again, no worries. But they had quoted me a MF of .00197, when I knew from Edmunds that the buy rate was .00147. That would have raised my payment about $40. When I mentioned the buy rate they put me on mute. When they came back on, they said they won’t sell the car at the buy rate. I asked for my deposit back, since my original deal had been 13% off MSRP plus rebates and the buy rate at delivery. They called me back in two minutes and agreed to the buy rate. So the deal was back on. They asked me to apply for credit online to expedite the process, since I was picking up the car on 12/31.
Once I got to the dealer on 12/31, the salesman acted like nothing was amiss, but I saw him talking to the finance manager right before I did.
The finance manager started the line of b.s., saying that I was Tier 3, and claimed that AFS only considered TransUnion. He would only show me my TransUnion, which was legitimately Tier 3. I asked to see my Experian and Equifax scores, and the finance manager said he didn’t have them since AFS only considers TransUnion. He said it wouldn’t have mattered if had run my own credit report in advance and brought it in, since they needed to run it. I asked to see the approval from AFS, and he said AFS only gives a phone call with a thumbs up or down; there was no document from AFS approving me or placing me in Tier 3. He would only show me the Tier 3 MF, which was .00202; it raised my payment exactly $50. So I asked to speak with my salesman, who became difficult to find. When he arrived in the office, he claimed that he never gets to see the results of the credit application, so he wasn’t aware there was an issue, and that there was nothing he could do. He also could not give me an explanation as to why he and the sales manager had claimed AFS used the highest of the three bureau scores over the phone. So I said I was going to walk. Then the general manager came in, and backed up the finance manager. The GM said AFS only considers TransUnion, and they can no longer bump me a Tier, even through I’m a prior AFS customer, due to “discrimination lawsuits.” I said I felt like I’d been deceived, but they claimed it was miscommunication. So the GM said he would comp me AudiCare, which cost the dealer nothing since it’s directly from Audi. That shaved about $12 off my payment. So I signed the lease.

Now AFS has confirmed my suspicions, and said they consider all three scores. AFS directed me to the credit bureaus. Experian told me today that my FICO 8 score was 725 when AFS ran it on 12/31.
So the salesman, finance manager and general manager all deceived me to justify the higher MF and get their profit.
I have no problem with dealers making money. I have a big problem with being deceived to get it.
My two cents.

I love my new A5. But every month I have a $38 lesson. I thought I had every angle covered. I didn’t plan on this, however.


Not sure about Audi but at some other brands CSI money is a looot of money and there’s no way it’s all going to the CAs. Pretty sure they are only getting a fraction of it.


To be fair, I’m not looking to get revenge on anyone or get anyone in trouble. But top to bottom I was lied to, and I’m pissed. I feel I was cheated out of about $1000. You’re all right; I should have walked.


Why not get someone in trouble? Otherwise the practice will continue.


Sue them for fraud. They negotiated in bad faith. They will have to provide all documentation and I guarantee they screwed some of it up. Probably even forged your signature on the credit score disclosures. Do it


I’m sure this has been asked before but i did a quick search and didn’t see it -

Who gets the money charged from the ‘freight fee’ or ‘destination charge’ - is it taken by the dealer and then paid to the manufacturer directly and in entirety, indeed to cover the cost for shipping or is it split or pure profit? Etc.

I notice that it’s often cited separately from the MSRP so I wonder if there are some tax advantages to it. Kind of like how more and more hotels are charging ‘resort fees’ now - even including crappy NYC hotels! - mainly because it’s usually taxed at less than half of the occupancy tax