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Well the dealer that does not have the car in stock said they can’t get it anymore because it’s sold. So my only option was to contact the dealer that had the car, and they told me that it’s available.


Are incentives for Audi based on where you buy or where you live? By this I mean MF, and other incentives? Thank You


If a dealership is offering the buy rate money factor already, do they lose any profit from the sale if MSD’s are applied to that? I know they can mark the MF up for additional profit, but how about at the buy rate?


It doesn’t cost them anything to apply msd


Programs should be consistent nationwide but there are occasional region bonus money for certain models



Amazing post, thanks so much for your time. Just a question if you have a moment.

  1. Which Audi models currently has the best lease program or biggest promotion going on? (I need a new car within the next couple weeks).

thank you


A4’s all day. Programs will change Wednesday but it should be the same for the most part if not better


Im in Florida and I understand you are in California? What would be considered a good monthly target for a $0 down deal? Also, do you recommend $0 down or making some downpayment? Does it affect the mf or anything? This forum seems very much against any downpayment it seems.


I would recommend just paying for the drive offs and keep the cap reduction (down payment) at $0.

I would recommend driving both the fwd and quattro to narrow down exactly what you are looking for trim level wise.

Msrp on A4’s will range from high $30k all the way to $53k so there is a big swing in payment depending on what you are looking for.


Hi Ivan! I’m currently in the process of finalizing my lease for a 2018 Audi A4. I’ve left my credit card down for a deposit and we’ve discussed numbers/quotes over email. The car was not available at the showroom as it being shipped from elsewhere. So far the salesperson has my driver’s license, insurance, registration info (for loyalty purposes) and he’s asking me to fill out a credit application form to lock in my rates before July is over and a new program is introduced next month. I’m not sure if this is normal or shady practice as I was planning to give him all needed information once car was available and I was able to go in, sign papers and drive away with my new car.

I’m not sure if this is common practice as the car was released to carrier about a week ago and still hasn’t arrived.

Will programs be much worse for leases after summer of audi is over or can I just wait it out?


Salesman or dealership is trying to type the contract for the unit to count for the month of July assuming the dealer trade is going to go smoothly. If that is the case he should just let you know upfront. So long as you don’t sign the docs before you actually see the car you should be fine and you secure the rates for July. Rates could be better or worse for August so it’s always a risk.

However, it will be a wasted credit inquiry if the trade does not go through or if the car shows up damaged.

But my recommendation to you is to NOT SIGN the lease agreement until you’ve physically inspected the car.


Ivan, how much longer will you be receiving 2018’s before the 2019’s arrive? Just wondering about timing, since I will be trying to get the best deal on a 2018. I’ve seen the 2019 order guide and I don’t like how Audi changed the trim levels. It makes it more expensive to get the option I want.


I have a different point of view for you then Ivan (whose advise is also good, btw). There is a technicality with VW credit (aka Audi Financial Services) where you qualify for the rate available at the time you are approved for your loan. So, if you are waiting for a car to arrive and are straddling the end of programs (i.e. I assume new rates will be available 8/1), then it would be prudent to build in a guaranty for yourself in case programs change for the worse (note that if programs get better, you can chose the better of the two).

As you mentioned:

Which sounds to me that you have already discussed and agreed on payment and down. If the rates/residuals change for the worse when your car arrives, you are going to be pissed and think the guy is just trying to make extra money on your deal (the salesman is always trying to screw you, right?) but in reality it will still be the same deal based on the new program.

My advice is: if you have already agreed on terms and are just waiting for the car to arrive at the dealer (which it sounds like this is the case), then give him your info and let him submit the application for approval. I didn’t see anywhere that he is pushing you to sign a contract, so, his story seems legit. In fact, the dealer doesn’t have to have a contract on the car in order for it to count for them for “this month.” All they have to do is report it sold (i.e. punch the car) before the deadline, which some dealers may do if they KNOW they have a deal and are just waiting for the car to come in and sign docs.

Also, it sounds like the car is in the dealer’s inventory but is at the port and just hasn’t arrived at the dealer yet (i.e. it is not a dealer trade). So, there is less risk that the “trade will not go through.”

“Released to the carrier” is a term often used for cars at the port. I have seen cases where cars are released to the carrier and take more than 10 days to arrive. The carriers have to work through cars for all dealers and that could take time. The car can be prioritized if the dealer calls the carrier but the dealers seldom do it.

Anyway, lock in the rate!!!


Hey Ivan,
I sent you a PM but it might be helpful to others. I just wanted to know if you would be able to recommend any Audi dealerships in Florida/Georgia/NC. Thanks!


Keep in mind that multiple hard credit inquiries pulled within a 30 day period counts as only one pull. This is so that when people shop for big ticket items like cars or houses, they can shop around without wrecking their credit.


So what did you end up doing?


How important is it that I keep up my scheduled service?
Leasing an A4, at 22,000 miles and have not done my 20k ~$800 service.

Should i buy maintenance plan and service or wait a couple more months and try turning the car in early?
Would I get charged the service fee anyway?

Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions!


Go to an Independent Audi shop and have them do the service. Keep receipts if Audi asks.


Actually car arrived yesterday right on time for the end of the month. I went in and finalized the lease. All is well!


Hey Ivan, what is making those Audi A4’s such an attractive lease deal right now? For those in the range of 50k MSRP would you expect someone walking away from one of those with a sub 400 payment with no money down (excluding MSD)?

I saw Consumer reports has it rated as the top midsize luxury sedan right now. Seems like a great time to get in one.

Also i understand August is generally a good month to lease, do you seem to see that from your perspective in the current Audi market?