Interesting Global statistics

US break-down by age-group

And for the IT Security Techies on LH, here’s a Splunk view of the data John Hopkins University is collecting.

Point-in-Time screenshot

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Suggest changing the title to reflect what the global statistics are about.

What’s missing from the data set is diagnosis by age group: first chart is hospital admission/ICU admission/fatality.

I’ve been watching this, which someone here suggested:

Also on the Korean clusters

This is the most up to date guide from the thought leaders in ER medicine

Some early US data, as of March 16th

This is data from NYC as of 5:30pm yesterday

San Antonio as of yesterday morning

Mortality rates by age group in Italy, as of yesterday

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My wife is an ICU nurse at the largest hospital in philly/PA. They’re not overrun with cases at all. Also not running out of supplies either. It seems to me some states are either unprepared or media sensationalism is taking over truth as usual.


I work at hospital in central Wisconsin and the supplies are a big issue for us. Unfortunately everything is on allocation and the biggest hospitals are getting first crack at things. So that hospital is probably okay,but our hospital is struggling to get PPE supplies. I will say they are making a bigger mess then need be though. Our county just got our first case and they shut down a whole wing that’s very necessary to use as isolation.


Other side of the state seems a bit different. My wife works at Children’s hospital for the biggest hospital network in the state. They are rationing supplies. They are also planning to use children’s hospital for adults if needed. Not overrun yet, but cases are climbing.





Our local philly news is that the sky is falling and hospitals are overrun. Just stating one hospitals particular status as of today

Also a good friend is a pain management doc in snj. He was told to go home for 3 weeks. If hospitals were so short staffed and overrun they would allocate his position to somewhere in need not give him a vacation. He was baffled by it

There is some sensationalism going on, without a doubt. That said, this isn’t going to be a cake walk either and things will get much worse before they get better. Pittsburgh is up to 28 confirmed cases after finally seeing Number 1 at the end of last week. The mayor (no comment) self quarantined himself today after being exposed.



Pittsburgh hospitals are sending people home as well. The issue is, many of the people they are sending home (diagnostics, as one example - think X-ray, ultrasound, etc) aren’t needed since most elective things are on hold right now and only emergencies are being seen. My wife was inundated daily with patients (she does ultrasound at Children’s) just last week. This week, it’s a ghost town. She’s high enough right now on the totem pole she can keep her hours, but many others are getting the boot.

Logically, right now it makes sense, as they aren’t nurses or doctors, nor are they trained to be, so they are burning payroll. That said, it is quite possible if things get ugly, you could see some people that aren’t nurses step in to help in some fashion.

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In other words, your wife’s hospital’s or your state’s preparedness hasn’t been tested at all. Yet.

“Italy was in a bit of denial and did not move fast enough to engage in social distancing and lockdown measures. This is the same problem we now are seeing in the United States,” McGee cautioned. “Spring Breakers are still filling our beaches in Florida and traveling around the country in the same way Italians gathered in restaurants and piazzas for weeks before locking down.”


IDK what they’re doing in Philly, but the state shut down all non essential business starting today. Car sales is considered non-essential, but service can remain open. Beer and Liquor are somehow considered essential, yet, the liquor stores were ordered closed IIRC (PA is one of 2 states I think that you have to buy your liquor at a state owned “State store.”). They have all sorts of contingency plans in place for supplies and care at the hospitals in Pittsburgh. We’re on a virtual lockdown on this side of the state.

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I believe North Carolina is the other. At least when we’d go down to Outerbanks, we always had to hit ABC stores for hard liquor. They did have brew-thru for beer & wine as well as the supermarkets sold that too.

Things are slowly starting to change. You can buy wine and beer at certain grocery stores now, but you are limited in amount. Some gas station convenience stores sell beer too, again, at a limited amount. If you want cases of beer, you have to go to the “beer distributor.” If you want a bottle of Makers Mark, you’re stuck going to the “State store,” which is named “Fine Wine and Good Spirits” now.

Years ago, in a previous life, when I was a manager at a local restaurant chain, sometimes I’d get stuck working graveyard shift. You should’ve seen the looks I got when I told someone they were SOL on getting a bottle of whatever at 10:00 PM on a Sunday because the state store was closed. At that time, they were limited to buying 6 packs at a bar to go only. It’s a little more lenient now.

That experience made me vow to never work in a customer facing position again, and to this day, I’ve held my word. Customer is always right my ass.

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So much for interesting global statistics. (Punches out of thread).


Ohio was a state store state, at least when I exited in 2013.


Boston hospitals are low on critical supplies.

N95 masks are in short supply.

They’re supposed to be used until a seal is broken. Nurses and Providers are being asked to use them for an entire shift, if they can even get them at all.

My sister is an ICU nurse and they’re rationing like crazy. My wife is an L&D nurse-they’re cleaning masks and reusing them (who even knew that was a thing)?

People are needed urgently. Travelers are being offered $85/hour or more…

As stated above by others, some folks in hospitals are being sent home. Running a hospital is insanely expensive and during this time, many payers are not processing claims. More and more are popping up daily and letting their providers know this.

One Boston hospital has become a COVID center essentially. Granted, the hospital is an absolute dumpster fire and I wouldn’t send my worst enemy there, but they’re doing it.

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How many empty beds does the ICU have on a normal day? Without social distancing could they have taken on 20 new intensive care cases today? 50? 100?

Talk to any expert: the notion that any state or any hospital in this country was “prepared” is a sick joke.

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