Insurance during Covid-19

I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere really, but has anyone had success in lowering their Insurance rates now that most are working from home and barely driving?

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Great point. I will look into it.

When you say lowering your car insurance are you referring to the fact that someone is unemployed and looking to not only lower rates but defer them?

Think of how slow it must be in the claims department since tens of millions of people aren’t driving.

I suspect they’re lowering by adjusting the annual mileage expectations

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I’ll be doing my twice yearly price check soon. Both Mrs’ and I are essential so no change in driving habits.

Former actuarial for 2 different major insurance companies. You can definitely call and update this to reduce your policy during this time.

You will be looking to update the ‘Primary Use’ category. Names of categories will vary by company. Personal is very low miles, then business or commute use will sometimes have distance of commute as well. Screenshots from Progressive and Erie Insurance questions that would affect this rating variable are attached. (Nationwide and State Farm should be similarly worded to Erie Insurance.)Erie Insurance Progressive


I’ll be curious what you find. I checked mine in January and (once again) my current policy is cheapest by more than $100 every 6 months.

I have at various times priced the difference in mileage and was between 0 and insignificant.

Mine is set to 0-5000 annual miles, so I doubt I can lower it that way. However, a month ago I got an insurance tracker, so I might get 30% off in 60 days for parking in the driveway. :crossed_fingers:


Plenty of data points in this thread regarding insurance adjustments for non-driving.

I am in the same boat. For whatever reason, Geico is a good $300 less per 6-month period than every other insurer and I have no idea why. They raise my rate about $30 every renewal period which pisses me off, and then I requote with everyone and they’re still significantly cheaper.


Insurance quotes make little sense to the layman…every time I ask a friend or professional, they rave about a provider who ends up being pricier than my current one.

The only, and I mean only, way to save money is to shop around every 6-12 months…it is a pain, but a few hours works can easily save $500+…at least in my experience.

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They raise me as well. I have multiple car discount.

I think I’m paying too much. Think I can get it down at least 10% if I shop it out

When shopping for insurance what is everyones main goal?

Cheaper price?? That seems to be everyones reason. But after researching I have seen some other reasons to switch

Or is it accidental forgiveness?
Lower costs every year you aren’t in an accident?
New car replacement?
Deductible awards???

All gimmicks you actually pay for. Kinda like overpaying tax to get a bigger tax refund.


To add to this, this is unlikely an actual reduction in rates, just reduction in exposure. Carriers are not reducing rates much but those using modeled pricing may lower rates when you reduce expected mileage in their algorithm. A very likely scenario is that in a year strong auto results will drive rates down. For those who have commercial policies explore a lay-up credit vs cutting your coverage.

Folks can pm me with questions, I work on the carrier side specifically managing the auto line.

Stay safe everyone

So I called Geico and asked them about lowering rates as the cars are parked in the driveway. She said because the annual mileage is so low on ever vehicle, its already at the lowest tier. They offer payment deferrals, but I pay every 6 months in full any way. The only thing she suggested is lowering to liability only but that would only be possible on 1 out of 5 cars as the other 4 are leased and need full coverage. I decided it wasn’t worth it to lower coverage on just 1 car and have to remember to put it back later.

End result: I’m not saving any money, in fact I’m spending more as I have a lease I was supposed to return 2 weeks ago but can’t as all the dealerships are closed.

Looks like good news for those with Allstate / Esurance…

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The same coverage for enough less that it’s worth switching. $4 every six month is not worth my time to start a new policy and cancel another.

The problem is once you start driving again (if you report the increased mileage estimate to your insurer), they’ll hike your rate back up effective immediately (likely higher than it was previously), and then hike it again upon renewal. So you’re basically eating a double premium increase the moment you change things back.

Which is why I’m not changing anything. I’ve made this mistake before.


Just got an email from Allstate confirming this. They are paying back 15% of my monthly premium for April and May. For my two cars, that will probably come out to about $30 bucks or so. All I needed to do was click on the link in the email and it registered my account for the pay back.

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