Infiniti Red Sport Lease Question

Hi, just looking for some advice on a Red Sport lease. I have one now with 3 payments left. I have an offer to turn it in for a new RS that has a few more features, and of course a higher MSRP, $63,900.

The current offer I have is for $542/month with $5400 down, 10k miles per year. I also put down $5k in security payments on my current car, which they would keep as part of the deal. So basically it seems to me like $10k down. The payoff on my current car is $26.5k, trade allowance is $32.5k.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on whether this is good/bad/indifferent. Thank you.

take the bag :moneybag: from the trade allowance and get another car - $10k down on a Q50 makes no sense especially since it’s a old car now

simple answer bad deal imo


Thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘old car’. This would be brand new 2024 model. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Still, I don’t think I’m going to do it.

send us a text - we can assist w this 732-779-2587

Holy moly. I haven’t seen one of these leases in ages. I have a '19(?) back when they first came out with the slight refresh. It was/is a great car for what it is, but I certainly wouldn’t get one now (unless nearly free).

That’s interesting, why not? It’s a great car, as you said. Is it considered old tech or something? What would be comparable these days?

So $16,400 down?

$5,400 cash
$5,000 prior deposit
$6,000 equity

I think LH wants to see you in one of those eTron leases.

It was more great years ago. The car came out in like 2014 and hasn’t changed much. I had 3 Infiniti cars, the last being the 2019 RedSport when it was “redesigned”.

The monthly payment would have to be very very cheap to remotely spark my interest now. Granted, times have definitely changed…but your offer is way above and beyond what I had paid (again, for the same car).

Also for S&G, what is the trade in question? Have you shopped for multiple offers?

Not worth it. Too expensive and the car hasn’t been changed at all since almost a decade.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t thing I have any equity, my current car is a lease that’s coming to an end. I’m not too sharp on this stuff though.

I’m not really up on what’s new and dandy these days. The car seems fine to me. I’ve had zero problems with this or the last two I leased. It’s pretty darn quick when I want it to be, and it’s got plenty of bells and whistles. Anyone that gets in it is very impressed, not that it’s a concern.

What would I get from a newer design car? Is there something comparable in terms of performance, features and reliability in the price range? I’m more than happy to consider something else, but it needs to have at least the same oomph when you punch it.

I think I wasn’t clear in my original post. My current car is leased, also a Red Sport. I think I gave the impression I’m trading in a car I own.

you should send us a text and we’ll literally save you thousands of dollars.

Sell it and move on to something else. $64k for a vehicle designed a decade ago is insanity. There is plenty of other ICE 400hp fun coupes out there to be had.

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Not Stellantis level insanity, but you have a point. :smirk:

It is still a nice car compared to some. I’d say go for it if the money makes sense. The numbers I’ve seen so far…do not make sense for the car. I haven’t shopped them in a looong time, but you should be able to do much better than that.

I’ve had over half a dozen Nissan/Infiniti cars…Z’s & Q’s. So this is coming from a fan of the cars.

This is what I have so far:
Market Value Selling Price 63,930.00
Discount 4,750.00
DEST 1,150.00
Trade Allowance 32,500.00
Tax/Title/Fees & Payoff

Not sure if that makes it look any better. I’ve looked at Audis, still have to research which models would be similar to the RS. Most people I know with German cars seem to spend a lot of money on service and repair though.

So what do you get in a car that was more recently designed? I don’t care too much about avionics. It seems like the more tech there is in car the more problems there are. My existing car already has more stuff than I want. Too bad they don’t make dumb cars any more.

Your equity is the difference between the $32.5K they’re offering and the $26.5K buyout. Assuming you could get $32.5K for it elsewhere, the $6K is equity.

Have you considered buying your current car out and keeping it? Nothing wrong with a new one, but if you’re happy with it you could buy the current one for what you’ll pay for another three year lease.