Infiniti QX60 Premium AWD - $791 DAS + $283/mo + tax + $2800 MSDs [Northern California]

Just got this done. This was the deal I had negotiated over e-mail.

2018 Infiniti QX60 AWD - Premium Package

MSRP: $47895
Selling Price: $37980 [Includes VPP]
Monthly Payment: $283 + tax
Down Payment: $0 [Reg + Doc + 1st month DAS] – $791
Incentives: VPP included above

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00005 [Down from .00085]
Residual: 58%

Zip Code: Northern CA
Leasehackr Score: 13.6 Years
Pre-filled Calculator link:

Had the above negotiated. Decided to make a couple of changes at dealership and go to 12k miles and add wear and tear for $695. Total was $314/mo+tax ($344/mo) on road. Probably had another $500-$1000 in the deal but was pretty happy and not crazy on negotiating.


Correction: it was $341 on road with tax

Nicely done, enjoy the new ride!

crushingly good, in my view. Can you PM me the name of the dealer, if you think they’d play ball again?

Great deal, can you PM me the dealer name?

PMs sent to you guys

Thanks! 2020202020202

PM dealer info to me as well please.

Sent to you as well!

me too please Thanks~!

Two more sent out. Has anyone reached out and do they still get close on the pricing?

can you pm me the dealer info

Could you PM me the dealer info? Thanks

You should all have the info now. Can anyone replicate?

can you pm the dealer?
thank you very much

Would you please PM me the dealer info too? Thank You!

Hi great deal! Can you PM me deals and dealer name and contact? Thank you.

Please PM me the details as well

Applause for a great deal. Good work. Please PM your dealer and dealer contact to me also.

This is the best I have seen so far. $9915 off MSRP. I just checked mine paper again. In March, I got $9183 off, but RV was also lower by 1% at 57%. This seems getting better and better.

If I were to calculate for my QX60, MSRP at $52,859, my payment will be $337 + tax. Such a great car for the money

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