Infiniti QX60 36M/10K - 396 W/o Tax

2017 Infiniti Qx60 AWD- 10K/39Months with Premium Plus package:
MSRP: 51,040
Sell Price: 42500 (Including $1000 rebate)
Drive off: $1433 (First Month TAX, TAG, DOC Fee)
RV: 54 %
MF: 0.00003
Monthly Lease: 433 inl TAX
Free Oil Change through out the lease

How did I do? This is in PA


Are you happy with the car?

Yes, I’m …

I mean this is basically the same price as a broker is posting here in the market place so I’d say you did fine.

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Yeah that is pretty much the bottom, the best i’ve done is 389+tax. About the same driveoff.

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What part of PA? Near Philly?

Yes! West Chester!..

Can you share a contact? Feel free to PM me