Ineos Grenedier - Might be a great value

Figured I’d start a thread on the Ineos Grenedier.

At 50,000 - 60,000 British pounds, I’d expect US pricing to be $55,000-70,000 when it comes out in the USA next year.

While this won’t be available as a lease, at least to start, I believe this will be a great value, given how well other off roaders hold their value, like the Defender, and Gelandewagen (also made by Magna).

This car might not depreciate (much), which would make it relatively inexpensive to own.

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so is this a knock off G wagon or OG defender?

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Its really the true next-gen defender, since the land rover defender became the discovery (per Richard Hammond).

I have the opposite POV. It won’t hold value nearly as well as the more established rivals.

This might be one of those situations where they only sell like five of them new, and then in 15 years, they’re worth something because there’s only one actually left on the road.

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Even in those situations there’s usually a U-shaped depreciation curve.

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Agreed. Gotta fall off that cliff first.

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If you look into the car, I think the story is pretty good. BMW engine, ZF trans, engineered and built by magna, just like g-class. I think I read they went to Dana for axles, like Jeep advertises about using, but they couldn’t provide a durable enough axle. It looks to me like a non luxury G Class.

Does any of that matter?

The original Defender was made with build quality barely surpassing Yugo, didn’t stop trustfunders from fetishizing them.

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Aha! That splains why they’re all over the place here

I like it but need some reviews

It doesn’t matter who buys them. What matters if they’ll hold their value. I bet it will be built like a tank.

Best anagram:

Enraged ironies

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You know what’s better than a story?

A dealer network with parts and service to perform all the warranty repairs.

No Way Hard Pass GIF by Trevor Moore

Same builder as the g wagon - was surprised Benz doesn’t build em in house

There’s nothing magical about being built by Magna. They built the first gen X3 and it has the same weak points as any other BMW of that era.

At this rate , when this comes out a dollar will be worth more than 1 pound.

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Looks like a great company with a bright future.

“Ineos Automotive, a subsidiary of Ratcliffe’s chemicals conglomerate, reported a loss of €106m (£91m) in 2020 in its latest accounts, adding to €188m lost in the previous two years. Ratcliffe’s other companies have also lent €471m (£403m) to the automotive subsidiary, meaning his total commitment so far may be well in excess of £650m.”

It’s pre revenue. Of course it’s losing money.

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If it’s £50k-£60k, then it’s probably going to be more like $75k-$90k in the US by the time federalization, transport/duties, any upfitting of additional content or powertrain as required for US market tastes, etc.

Still not unreasonable though.