In 2016 I leased a Chevy Cruze LTD for $83/month...Is that possible in 2019?

I posted the story here: In 2016 I leased a Chevy Cruze for 2 years for only $2,000!

My sister still work at GM Financial…but I’m curious if anyone else was able to achieve this? Granted, I had to put the $2k up front to get that deal, it was so cheap. Thanks!

No, it isn’t possible now.

Did you really just come here to humblebrag about a deal 3 years ago? :no_mouth:

Many people on here got Cruze’s for dirt cheap. Use the search function. Totally irrelevant in 2019.

This topic just makes me sad that GM’s are so un-hackable nowadays. What horrible, cruel world do we live in where it’s cheaper to lease a BMW than a GM.


haha, no need to get your panties in a bunch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, not a humble brag at all…looking to save money.

I’ll check that link. I did run some searches, but didn’t do it exclusive to Chevy Cruzes. Thanks!

Bummer, thanks.