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That looks like a pretty solid deal. Im not sure if im stepping on anyones toes or am out of bounds by asking this but just curious what your monthly payment ended up being. Im in the market for a q5 as well and seem to be getting no where with the dealers im dealing with. If your payment is in the ball park of what im thinking i might try going with Raffay as well.


It was $590.xx 36/10k.
8.25% taxes calculated included.
IL registration of $221 due at signing


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I have been trying to get hold of you for a while . Do we have the wrong e mail or phone number?


I’m sorry sometimes things get by me/sent to spam!

Please try the:

Or feel free to just personally text me 224-616-8158 (fastest way to get to me)

Sometimes I’m backed up but I’ll get back to you!

A little behind. If I haven’t messaged you back please reach out again!

Please include address/zip, and what cars you are considering!


I’m still working out a lease but my experience with Raffay has been excellent. I didn’t even know leasing agents/brokers existed until I stumbled on this site. Anyway, I texted him this AM and received a call a short while later. He got pricing numbers within 1/2 hour. I really wish I knew about this before! A broker seems like a great alternative for someone who doesn’t have the time or patience to work out their own deal.


Would Highly Recommend working with Raffay. He’s very transparent and honest about whats realistic and what is not. If i had any questions he would reply promptly with either a text message or phone call. Didn’t end up doing a lease with him as I got an offer that i couldn’t refuse, but would definitely use him in the future.

thanks again Raffay!



Hello Raffay, Do you service customers in the KANSAS area. Sent you a text. Thanks


Raffay is a top notch professional with tenacious drive, TONS of patience, and lots of contacts. Oh, and he’s a major car guy. The perfect man for the job in other words.
When my wife and I started this quest a few months ago, Raffay was quite honest in telling us that the car she was looking for was going to be a tough one. I appreciated his candor right off the bat. What we didn’t realize how much of a unicorn the car really turned out to be. But at no time did Raffay shy away from the challenge.

Yesterday we made the 5 hour drive to his neck of the woods (Chicago), had an awesome Korean BBQ dinner, and met Raffay at the dealer this morning. He was just as friendly and personable as he had been on the phone and texting, and stayed there with us throughout the whole process. Within 60 minutes we were driving away in my wife’s new car.

I would highly recommend Raffay whether you’re in the Chicago area, or a days drive away. Either way, he makes the process a pleasure, and of course Chigago is an awesome place to visit!

Give him a text at 224-616-8158, and don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t get back to you instantly. He’s a busy guy!

Thanks Raffay! See you when I replace my pickup!

Mike and Jodi


Ralph, saw this post today. I’m in Indianapolis, you able to find anything along this line? I understand to use your service are upfront fees, just want to see if you are in my market and know Toyota deals first. Thanks


I believe those are only possible through US Bank, I don’t have a Toyota dealer that runs leases through them yet!


I have to echo the comments of @SG25 here. Raffay was a delight to text back/forth with about cars and typically very responsive and professional.

Similar to @SG25, I got an (unsolicited) proposal from the dealer who my current lease was through that, in the end, Raffay just couldn’t beat (see link below). He was honest about this even though it meant losing a sale to me, which I appreciate.

Will definitely consider Raffay when my wife’s lease ends in 15 months.

BMW 540xi Deal