If you had to get a car today…

It’s been interesting to see how everyone here is navigating the current market. I’m curious to know what the experienced hackrs would do if they had to get into a new vehicle in today’s market?

I’ve seen some folks say they’d just grab something off of SAL and wait to see if/how things improve, but I’m interested in what others would do.


Take the bus, wait a year.


Drop a new engine into the daily beater.


I have no clue what I would get to replace my A6, if I had to.

Lots of folks have been jumping on the Jeep 4XE train, since it offers the best bang for the buck at the moment. Not sure I am there yet.

What would you get?


I haven’t seen anything on SAL worth a second look in a long time.

Do I hypothetically have time to order something, or do I need something today?

I saw a 22 XC60 with temp tags today that was side-swiped/totaled, so I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon. I’d probably see what brokers had for loaners (LOL) and odd-ducks, then look at things that normally sell for close to MSRP (Subaru?) and see how close I could get.

I have a short list of used cars I’d also consider, one of them actually isn’t terribly over-inflated right now (ugly and nobody seems to like them), but my shopping mood would be influenced by how my current car met its demise, and whether I was in it at the time.

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Could you share said shortlist lol?

My choices would be

  1. Wrangler 4xe (or if you can wait for it GC 4xe)

  2. A car that had high demand pre-Covid (Telluride/Palside for ex). See if you can order/finance at MSRP.

  3. Cars that are reasonable from an MSRP POV and hold value (Subarus/Teslas).

This is leashackr but would honestly buy and flip in this market. Carsedge’s depreciation calculator is great for this.

I can’t imagine anyone else shopping off it: there’s not a single truck, suv, or sedan on it, and it’s filled with my car hangups. The only suggestion I can make if you want a deal is “like cars that few other people like”. :man_shrugging:t2:


What about the luxury car market, are there makes that would fit that too? I’ve seen some silly things for the usual suspects like bmw and mb (g63 excluded because it’s intrinsically silly) but what about makes like Porsche, LR?

I’ve been thinking about the used car market too, been having some fun with FRED data. The next XX months are going to be interesting to watch.

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Sure. If you can find a Porsche, RR Sport or FS for (close-to) MSRP and buy rate (assuming buy rate isn’t close to usury), grab it.

More interesting than the past 21 months have been?

That’s what I did. Bought & financed.

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Fill up the tires on our old LS and drive it until the Wrangler 4xe order arrives.


Yes, I wonder if we’ve yet to see wacky in the vehicle market.

Fill to 60psi and insert poly coil spacers for the 4xe experience.

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All the below under right circumstances (discounts,region and use).

Wranger 4xe
Silverado 1500 Custom crew cab
Camaro LT1
Volvo V90

EDIT: Adding 2022 Nissan Frontier


There is an entire thread

I was looking at Carvana’s balance sheet yesterday, wondering what their plan is when the music stops…?


I need a car to commute back to work in the next month (sold my LT1). Would love a cheap lease, but leasing doesn’t make much sense right now, so I am looking at the following options:

  1. Used Chevy Volt (around 21-24k for 2018 CPOs)
  2. Have a deposit on a Tesla Model 3 SR+ (due March 2022)
  3. Toyota Rav4 Prime XSE (at MSRP 46k may be here in Jan)

What I don’t want is to have the car depreciate a ton in the 3-4 years I will own it. Which one would you guys choose and why?

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Buy something that won’t depreciate much or at all at the most minimal markup (if any), Like a Hyundai Palisade or KIA Telluride.

Otherwise, A lease even if expensive makes sense if you’re trying to protect yourself from a pricing bubble popping…


The name of the game is no longer leasing, it’s speculation. Niche cars are hard to come by today and with production being limited, the number of lightly used examples that will become available 1-2 years from now is going to be low so they will hold their value, not to mention they are not a priority for the supply chain. Personally, my SO and I decided to pull the trigger and pay cash for an Audi S5 convertible. In our market, asking is 10-15k over sticker, we got ours for 3k over including enclosed transport from halfway across the country. The reasoning for this gamble is that the very large dealers around us haven’t been able to get an allocation since August if not earlier, and still to this day are not able to get an allocation meaning that there are no cars that will be landing until at least 8 months from now. The supply chain issues are not going to get figured out until at least 2023 and the consumer market probably wont normalize until at least a year after that. The plan is to drive the car for two years and sell it back to close to what we paid for it. If all goes to plan this convertible will cost about as much as my lemon-lawed Range Rover Velar from 2018.