Idiot of the day? How many LH rules did this guy break?

Got a good laugh out of this one, I think almost every rule was broken.


went 24k over miles on previous lease @50 cents a mile penalty.

Racked up another 1k in turn in penalties

paid $1100 a month + 8k down (essentially rolling in 5k penalties + 8k down payment)

going over mileage again (1800@ a little over a month)

walked into dealer to negotiate.

Freudian slip of 1300?? when talking about his payment.


Doesn’t seem that bad considering its a finance, not a lease. That and he only put 8k down because banks required it to get under max LTV.

Is there a TL;DW?


Rolled 13k of negative from his 2015 Challenger Hellcat into another finance on a new Charger Hellcat Widebody Daytona. Put $8,000 down on a finance to get within LTV constraints and pays $1,100 / month. Considering he has a YouTuber he is likely writing it off and earnings from videos on the car offset the payment as well.


Ah. Well that sounds extremely stupid. I’m not sure what the purpose is in showboating how badly you get ripped off to drive a car, unless you’re trying to profit off of how stupid you are?

Kind of reminds me of…


he said he leased again :confused:

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here’s what I got from the vid and I’ll @ethanrs too.

previous lease was a challenger hellcat that was allotted 36k miles and he drove 60k miles

so 24k miles plus 50 cents a mile overage = $12k

but he said $13k in overage, let’s say he turned it in with drag radials and bald front tires for another 1k.

He rolled in 13k of negotiate equity for $1100 a month lease + 8k down… so essentially he rolled in 5k negative equity.

At the beginning you hear him say he’s already at 1800+ miles and it’s been a little over a month, so he’s already over miles.

Also says he went to the dealership to negotiate the sales price, 78k If I’m not mistaken… if his hellcat msrp was 83k he did alright but if his hc was stickered at 81k or lower he got hammered again and didn’t even get to invoice.

Gotcha, I skimmed the video and heard negative equity (even though they are mileage penalties not negative equity) and trade-in so I assumed it was finance to finance. So ya, he got hosed.

I forgot it was a 13 minute video, should have just posted a tl;dw.

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Here’s how there is no negative equity, no overage charge for miles and he made out amazing on his new deal.

How you ask?

Because every sucker that got click baited into watching his YouTube story is now paying for his new car. I didn’t watch this video but I’m pretty sick of the YouTube algorithm making these idiots car payments.

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Yeah I try to avoid the clickbaity ones…

I don’t mind someone like Hoovy because the schtick is transparent and it reminds a little bit of Wheeler Dealer (remember Mike and Edd China?)… except nothing about Hoovy’s repairs goes right but that’s sorta the premise of the entire show.


Hooptie Fleet!

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Jackwagons like this guy are the reason hackr deals are possible. Don’t hate, appreciate.


This guy doesn’t have enough views or subscribers to make money off of this. Don’t worry guys.

3000 subscribers and 3000 views on this video. He’s just making idiotic decisions


It was at least 10 minutes longer than it needed to be.


he’s got about another 13 million views to go assuming $1000 per 1 mil views, don’t even know if that formula still works.

Youtube “pushing” for longer videos to put multiple ad breaks in there.

Not sure if he is even monetized at 3k subscribers. In addition, even the large YouTubers complain ad revenue is way down. This guy is going to get hurt.

The new guy is actually decent too, Ant. I was skeptical at first but he might be better than Edd.

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Only thing I got out of the video, this guy definitely doesn’t know math.

“My previous lease had 12k a year but I drove it to 60k, I almost doubled that”

Hmm 36 x 2 = 72, he drove 60k …not even close to doubling 🤦

Ohh and follow your dreams but be smart about your money…

Ohh I don’t finance cuz I don’t want to deal with depreciating asset & interest and everything…

OMG…can’t even