Idiot of the day? How many LH rules did this guy break?

He’s not wrong 100% technically. I want to wouldn’t own a dodge on the wrong side of warranty either.

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Lol not trying for a “leasing v buying” discussion.

Well when you lease you’re technically paying for depreciation & interest only.

Just talking about how he’s talking out of his behind and just using buzz words and has no real weight behind the argument.

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you mean on most of the cars nowadays, aside from maybe honda and Toyota, German and American cars without a manufacturer or extended manufacturer warranty is just asking for trouble.

Also said bumper to bumper warranty only lasts 36k miles, powertrain ends at 60k. Assuming one doesn’t void the warranty by modding it.

According to the video, you can mod as much as you want… just have to revert it back…you don’t know what you are talking about…

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yeah as long as the damage is not noticeable you are fine, who cares if the motor blows and they come back to sue me.

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Be smart with your money bro…listen to the YouTuber…

Increasingly so.

It’ll eventually kill BHPH since everyone knows the payments stop when the car stops running.

eventually we will all be banned from driving anyway, too many stupid humans out there. I just hope it doesn’t come in my lifetime where ride sharing apps are used by everyone. Not so far ahead in the future internal combustion engines are gonna be axed for electric vehicles… gonna miss those cold starts on the v8’s.

This country is too wide and open for “JohnnyCab” or robotaxi to happen any time soon.

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oh don’t you worry, most people of my generation hate driving and I can’t imagine the next 2-3 generations. Always glued to their phones :confused:. Tik tok is the new dumbest trend.

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