I have excellent credit. Can I get a car with sub-$100 monthly payment and $0 down payment?

I live in San Diego, CA. I drive only a few times a month. Ubers aren’t a good option for me. So I want a car for those few times that I need it. My credit is 750+ and this would be the 3rd car that I would finance.

Is there any way I could find someone to lease/finance me a car for under $100/month and $0 down payment?

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I don’t think even a Nissan Leaf would be that cheap.

You’re not going to even find a driveable used car for that amount.

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No one is leasing anything for that cheap right now, no matter what your credit is.


Not even close. It’s basic arithmetic. You won’t even find a car under $200 with $0 down. Maybe closer to $300 but that may be pushing it as far as a new car goes.

Cheapest car on the market is going to be a Chevy Spark or a Mitsubishi Mirage. Let’s say you find one for $15,000. Plus tax, tag, fees you’re looking at $17,000. Let’s say you’re able to finance it at 3.5% for 72 months you’re looking at $260-270 per month with $0 down.

Maybe take a look at the adobe The Adobe - Saturday Night Live - YouTube

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You can get yourself a nice bicycle :bike:


LOL damn man you beat me to it.

I was going to say nothing with 4 wheels but 2 wheels you may have some options :rofl:


Need a time machine

Even then… that’d probably be a year to pay that off


Thanks folks, please keep those suggestions coming. So we have a bicycle, a time machine, The Adobe…what else can we get for under $100?

To put this into perspective, some folks fuel bills (with moderate commute) are more than this per week.


$49.95 per month with approved credit. Sign and “drive”…



A bus pass
$25 a month in so cal


My weekly insurance is more than this right now…

You’re in the greatest new car shortage we have ever experienced, and you’re asking for a recession 2008 honda civic lease special.

Not happening.


What does Hershey drive? A cullinan?

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I’m 18. That’s like… it. My M4 Comp. insurance bill was ugly. Reason I didn’t keep it long, the Volvos are much more reasonable with Erie.

I have some other things on the policy right now, so it jumped way more than it was when it was just the volvos.

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When I was 16 my dad bought a 2003 cobra and said it was for me to go to school, when my mom saw what it was she wasn’t not happy

I’m fortunate I survived that, I was wild.

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