I got PAID to drive Camaro LT1

You can only sell Chevy leases to GM dealerships.

Yeah no 3rd party with gm leases. Driveway offered me 41900. Next best is 36500. Will check with dealer see what they offer.

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Correct. You can only sell to any GM dealer or Autonation. But I’d start calling to Chevy dealers first.

2014 Mini Cooper S manual here. After watching everyone’s cars increasing in value substantially, I went to get a VROOM offer on mine. $0 increase. lol.
I guess nobody still wants an aging German car!

Does anyone have any dealer with Ferrari or Lamborghinis? Willing to consider any model. Looking for deals where I will get paid $100 plus per month. Similar to this. No money down. Check each month.


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Yeah, me, too. I’ll take 30 of them.


I got PAID $260 PER MONTH to drive my Leaf and no article for me :frowning:

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What’s the run down let’s hear it

Does the leaf twerk when you tap the gas pedal?


throws back, no twerk, but my front tires had a more noticeable wear than the rears

Got paid $1000+ , INCLUDING insurance,services and gas cost . For the Toyota i was driving.
1 year and 18,000 miles later.

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Got paid $3k to drive mine for 3 months and I still miss it… wish I would have kept it and flipped other cars during that time.