I got 99 problems and a Frontier ain’t one. (A new year’s guide to a transitory lease in a car you probably don’t want)

Apparently most employees at dealerships don’t read bulletins. When I mention One Pay and MSD’s they have no clue what I am talking about and tell me its not possible. The members of this forum know more than the employees at the dealerships that sell the cars

An enthusiast will always know more than the one just trying to make a living


Also, having worked in the industry, most dealerships don’t teach the average salespeople anything about financing or leasing. Finance managers are typically just really good salespeople and not actual finance people. So the level of financial acumen of people on this forum is likely higher than most employees you’ll interact with at the dealer.

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@Jake7 I am in Florida and have been doing the following since Monday. First I worked with the brokers who can get Frontiers. They have good deals but shipping and the broker fee add up to more than Florida fees. Next, I started contacting dealers in the Southeast where I can get a cheap flight to fly and drive. I found a couple of dealers who know the program and wanted to work with me but they couldn’t do it for various reasons. Now I am contacting some Florida dealers who as you would expect have no idea how this program works. I will let you know if I make any progress.

PM me if you want I am curious about where you are located in FL.

Also, can someone answer this for me to do a sanity check? With the SV trim being 96% residual value can the MSRP discount not exceed 4% for NMAC to fund the deal? I thought I saw that somewhere but can’t find it now. The point is they will not take the negative equity position with the car, correct?

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The discount is not about the percent - it’s about being $100 more than the residual.
So, whatever your MSRP * Residual % + $100 is the min sale price.

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Ahh thank you for clarifying so to use real numbers to reinforce my learning:
MSRP: $40,940
Residual: $39302.40 (96% on an SV trim)
Min Sale Price: $39402.40

Finance manager job is to make money for dealership by adding extra and increasing rates. They dont get paid to help the customers so customers can save some $$$. I am sure they know what Onepay and adding MSDs are but thats not the priority.

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This isn’t necessarily true. A dealer can make their profit on sale price and/or dealer fees while passing on the benefits of One Pay and MSDs to the customer where the manufacturer takes the hit. Aside from foregoing a MF mark up, there isn’t much downside from a dealer’s perspective. All of that without layering in service revenue (if a local buyer), unit targets, etc.

This is from YOUR perspective of THEIR perspective:) They (those I’ve talked to) aren’t seeing it this way. Many aren’t volume dealerships and want/need to milk every sale to the max. OnePay and MSDs take time and brain to make happen. If it’s slow - maybe someone would want to look into that. But if other, easier sales are on the floor then why bother? Maybe at the month’s end, they will consider such sales to add numbers but otherwise… Nah, too hard.

Your reasoning is very logical, which (logic) hasn’t been present at the dealership.


According to NMAC One Pay lease instructions there are 3 easy steps that really don’t require any extra time or brains to make it happen. If a customer only wants to do a One Pay I would think it would be beneficially for a dealership to press a few extra buttons to make a sale.
Whats_New-NMAC_One_Pay_Lease-040121.pdf (957.6 KB)

Unfortunately the software many dealers use doesn’t make it easy. NMAC is an outlier in allowing one pay AND MSDs on the same deal, so it’s not on the happy path for third-party lease calculation software.

It’s my perspective based on the small sample size (~20) dealers I interacted with during the two weeks it took for me to negotiate the right deal. The brain piece is the issue - I’d estimate 75% of them couldn’t get to a One Pay + MSDs and those that got there still needed my coaching. I passed up two deals before the one I signed, in both cases the dealer wasn’t willing to exceed a 2% discount off MSRP (they wanted to stay whole). Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t profitable.


Is there somewhere the RV for the different trims is listed? Dealers keep telling me the RV is 94% for the SV trim.

Go to the Edmunds forum and request info based on zip code, mileage, term and trim.

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I’m in a Tacoma lease that ends in August and looking to buy a Frontier later this year. Hoping all these 18 month leases that started last year result in a sizable number of used ones to choose from by then.

I can almost guarantee these won’t make sense buying used.

This is a limited sample size anecdote, but it appears the frontier forums are full of people complaining about their ‘22s and their first year issues. So you might be better off extending the lease and seeing if market pressures make leasing the finally refreshed 2024 Tacoma make sense.

Do you have equity in the Tacoma lease? If so, why not sell the Tacoma now and lease a new Frontier?

What are the thoughts here on what will happen with February programs? Debating on if I should pull this trigger now or wait to see where rates go in Feb

Who knows… but I think any improvements, if they are even possible, would literally be shaving pennies. To me, the risk goes too much the other way.

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