I drive 20k miles per year and want sporty/luxury?

BMW definitely does not refund any unused miles.

On prepaid miles? We’re talking about anything purchased above and beyond the 15k

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My apologies, I thought you meant a refund of unused contracted miles.

But with BMW you can purchase additional mileage up until the moment you turn in, so no point in prepaying.

I think the point is to build them in so you don’t have to deal with it later, although it’s pretty lame they don’t cut you a break. Back in my Saab days they would knock off 5 cents

Why would a Mercedes E350 not be considered a luxury car?

Sorry i wasn’t referring to the lexus es350 f sport. I was referring to a 2016 mercedes e350 with luxury and sports package.

Btw if you haven’t seen the 2019 lexus es 350 f sport in person, it will completely change your perspective on that car. Complete makeover specially the interior.

What are your guys thoughts on the lincoln mkz black label?

Lease the car you like. Life is short. I dont see you mentioned any budget. Dont just settle for something because its $200 cheaper to lease. Concentrate on being good at what you do and make yourself more money. If you see yourself making more money in a year or two, that $200 will look like pocket change. In my personal experience after years and years of buying, leasing and driving luxury/sport cars/suv, the feeling of excitement wears off after the first 2 years. After 2 years and i look at my car, its just an old car and i am ready to move on! Then i get excited again because i can pick a new one and start all over again.

True confession from of a leaseaholic.


“Black label” moniker definitely adds to the car’s exclusivity and makes it way sportier and more luxurious :sunglasses: And makes you to forget that you are driving a Ford.


Having a friend of a friend run the numbers on a 2019 lexus ES 350 f sport.

He says I can do 15k mile lease and return it 6 months early as long as I stay with Lexus for next vehicle. It has no rebates and he says he can discount about 10% max.

Waiting for numbers to see if I can plug into lease calculator and see how much MSD’s can help me out on the monthly payment.

Only Lexus can say that. They may not have a six months pull ahead at the time, so you are again at the dealer’s mercy.

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Have you tried swap a lease to look up a lease deals? I have seen some 20k per year deals there a while back posted by people who dont manage accumulating that many miles. It might work in your favor. I passed on my c300 lease a while back to a couple that wanted to drive 20k miles a year and they wanted to switch the car after a year and it worked for them.

It works for some people, and then some people keep accumulating neg equity from trading in early on successive occasions

I actually did and found one sweet deal however I have a trade in and I heard that swap a lease takes a little while and effort to actually make the transaction happen which kind of makes it none-user friendly for me.

Have a question about refund on prepaid miles not used…

Lincoln offers a variety of mileage amounts from 10,000 to 19,500 mile per year.

That being said do I have the option to get for example an 18k mile per year/36 month lease, prepay for 6k miles and then get a refund for any unused prepaid miles at the end of the lease? Or will they not allow that since apparently 19,500 miles per year is one of their normal lease options?

Does anyone know? I spoke by phone with an older sales manager today and I think he was confused by this question . He said he has never heard of anyone getting refunds for overused prepaid miles and kind of squashed the topic and we moved on.

Thanks in advance for any input you guys can provide. I have not closed on this deal. Wanted to get the LH opinions first.

By the way, for those of you that may not know the Black Label trim comes with some additional perks like four yr/50,000 mile premium maintenance plan which covers all recommended service and wear items and you don’t even need to bring the vehicle to the dealer. It includes complementary pickup and delivery for those maintenance services.

Black Label also includes complentary anytime carwashes and annual detailing.

2018 Lincoln MKZ Black Label 3.0Twin Turbo FWD

**MSRP: $54755
**Selling Price: $49500
**Monthly Payment: $615 + 7%tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1500
**MSD: N/A
**Incentives: $3250

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 18,000 miles
**MF: ?
**Residual: 48%

**Region: Florida

Also can you please let me know if anything seems off with the following numbers that are in the quote…
Tag and Title Fees: $935
Doc Fee: $1055
Acquisition Fee: $645
Upfront taxes: $325
Net Cap Cost: $48,369

So that’s basically $700/mo when all is said and done. That is A LOT for a $54k car, forgetting the fact that its a FWD “luxury” sedan.

$658 when it’s all said and done and keep in mind that it’s an 18k mile per year lease plus all maintenance will be complementary.

I live in South Florida so rarely does a dealer sell AWD vehicles (not even the trucks).

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648 plus the 1500 up front. That’s 700 total. Could get a Stinger or Legacy for less, and I’d personally rate those higher than the Lincoln only because they aren’t FWD.


It depends on the brand. I heard from a friend who used swap that Bmw takes 3 days although I have not yet owned a bmw but my Benz took 2 weeks.