Hyundai Leasing Wiki

Hello, here are some information on Hyundai & Genesis
all the invoices,FA,HB,AA are here
Valid only for the State of Ohio *

  1. Hyundai Circle : All Others
  3. Type dealership’s code : For example " OH001"
  4. Chose plan Z
  5. Type zip code ,Make,Year,Model
  6. Your final destination should look like .

Contact as many sales mangers as possibly with targeted price.

  • Use Autobytel Incentives,rebates,rates & Edmunds Forum for RV,MF . Costco “dealer cash”

Example of the Factory Invoice Sonata N line 2021

Bonus Hyundai Palisade Limited Factory Invoice


Europe Eu GIF by Manne Nilsson


Have Hyundai dealers been receptive to this? Also, how does this compare to the pricing on other New Car Value websites? Does this include qualification-based rebates?

don’t know ,I’m just sharing my knowledge

This looks like to be some sort of Volvo A-Plan for Hyundai customers. Still very interesting!

to access dealership inventory , just go to your local Hyundai dealership and check Monroney sticker there should be 3 digit dealer code on it !


Anyone try this on a Palisade?


Good info. Thanks for sharing

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Circle pricing is not currently offered on the palisade


Is there a way to get the dealership code from the online MSRP stickers?

It was on my original window sticker, NC048, modern Hyundai, concord NC 28027

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to find the dealer code w/o having to drive to a bunch of different dealer lots.

Just use OH001. It seems to work for all dealers offering the pricing.

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If this is like Volvo A-plan, don’t you need to have to use it at the specific dealership?

This worked.

Probably for certificate purposes. Just getting pricing information should not have an effect.

It’s should be on the window sticker on the bottom left where it shows ship to or sold to.


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Thanks Swedi. Very much appreciated.

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Plan Z is for employees only. @Swedi Are dealers willing to sell cars at employee pricing even if you’re not an employee?

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Could it possibly fail?

Also, only a subset of Hyundai cars are available on that Hyundai Circle website. Does that mean only certain Hyundai cars have Circle prices? For example the Hyundai Ioniq is nowhere to be found.