Hydrogen car options, Nexo or Mirai

Mirai at 50k+ MSRP, with 25k incentive , 4.5k state credit, and 15k gas card (most of us will use maybe 4-8k),
Nexo at 60k with similar incentives and credits,

  • What do you think about these cars if I’m willing to make that lifestyle change for a secondary car in household?
  • Any socal dealers willing to negotiate a deal for these?
  • Were these cars cheaper or easier to get before all this craziness started?

You’re going to sabotage your own thread if you want to make it about reading the tea leaves of gas prices and what not.

I suggest keeping your questions to answerable ones, not guessing games which have neither right nor wrong replies.

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Your numbers are way off. To qualify for the $25k incentive, you need to get the Limited trim, which is $67k+.

Is the 25k still there?

How about option 3? Neither? :grin:

Seriously, take a look at this:

That’s crazy! do we still have this 8k tax credit for these cars?
nevermind, i see it expired. is it coming back with those EV credits?

I thought that was for Nexo, which are around 65k or so. I see dealers have markups on these cars too now.

The Mirai is built in Japan and the Nexo in SK, so neither qualify for the new ev credits.

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