Hummer EV Lease Deals?

The calculator you posted is $1,100 without your trade.

Waiting patiently for the 89% rv, 8k lease cash, .0009 mf


That’s the LHer thug life

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Test driving one of these MFs today for jokes.

Make sure you get Bronny one too.

He needs to save up, God knows he ain’t getting another contract


Whoever signs Bronny to a 3 year extension in 2028 gets James Sr as LeGM.

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Wishful thinking — you’ll never find one for $700 month unless you put down a huge stack of cash. In several months, you ‘might’ find a base (2x) pickup for $900mo, but probably not a 3X, and most definitely not the SUV (neither 2X or 3X).

LH makes wistful thinking into reality. ex: Audi Etron GT, EQS.:stuck_out_tongue:


Test drove the Hummer Pickup. This turned out to be a demo unit. If anybody wants to try hard balling them for a demo discount, I’m happy to send contact details to the first two non brokers who PM me evidence of a $10+ donation to PhilAbundance food bank. Could be this isn’t worth that, whatever, but I don’t want to overwhelm the sales dude with “marked safe from being a customer” leads.
Handles incredibly well
Visibility is shockingly good
T tops are really cool, and well tinted
Bed is more usable than you would think
AC had no trouble keeping up at 86 and humid AF

I had to have my knees an inch or two above the rear seats when I went back there. I am 5’6” on a good day so there is a real lack of footwell there. I guess my kids would be fine but it was surprising.
NVH was pretty bad. T tops rattled and the AC fan started buzzing every time I stopped.
Floor is stupid high off the ground.
We opened the doors of the SUV version and the cargo space is not great. Also, the cargo floor is higher than the rear door (why??? Wasn’t this a clean sheet design?) so stuff could roll out if you’re parked on a slope.

A lot of people from GM Hummer forum were complaining about the T panel noise. Some said it was easily fixed by taking the tool kit that comes with the truck and tightening the panels with the provided allen wrench and others just had to remove the panels and apply silicone lubricant to the seals.

I test drove one brand new that just got dropped off to the dealership and as soon as i drove out the parking lot i could hear the panels popping/creaking, but it didnt make any noise the rest of the drive or coming back into the parking lot. :man_shrugging:

please don’t speak for us liberals, some us own guns and do want to drive 9000 lb EV truck.

Talk to Doug. I just agree with him on it

My dealer just messaged me with 10k off a black truck 3x with offrd 120 msrp and bronze suv 2x 99 msrp. 10k off msrp…

Pm me if interested

That’s good news. I’m hoping by years end there will be significant discounts on these and better mf. A 3x for 700 to 800 per mo and Id get one just for the experience.


Waiting that out myself

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If you start seeing things please reach out. I’ve got no problem at all working with a broker. Send me your fee structure in a DM if you wouldn’t mind so I have it in hand if the time comes that we are wheeling a dealing in these. I have an ideal spec, but to me the deal is most important. A killer hack makes it easy to sleep at night.

Just saw this from a Broker. 👔 July HUMMER SUV and Pickup Specials! - LUXCONIERGE - #2 by Moocher

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Finding it easier to get $5k off MSRP + supplier now that we’re closing in on the month. Most are marking up MF, but found 2 deals with buy rate. I might pull the trigger at $1k/mo, 0 due (3x, $109k sticker) but it’s also tempting to wait until next mo. if this ugly MF comes down and/or dealers get more pressured.

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Similar boat… chasing the 2x pickup as that seems to be the best MF and RV but holding out for improved discounts and hopefully MF as well.