Hummer EV Lease Deals?


Curious to see what type of deals folks are getting on the not so popular Hummer EVs. I am in the market for one and don’t see many posts. Any dealers accepting supplier pricing?

Are you planning to finance or lease?

I have seen 0 posts about leasing this vehicle.


Days supply of Hummer EV (truck and SUV) are running around 90. Super healthy number for a vehicle of this price class. There won’t be any serious sales incentivized by GM until you find days supply hitting 180+. Or at a local level you’ll need to find an aged lot anchor unit at a distressed dealership


Leasing for sure

I’ve seen some suvs for 5k or so off msrp. Invoice is msrp so that’s a pretty solid loser deal.

If you can’t find them slightly discounted feel free to reach out if you have a lease budget in the $1600+ range.


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wow not even the courtesy $7500 incentive…

That lowers the residual I believe. I’ve only done a few of these so I’m not expert I just know they’re getting discounts now

GM technically bakes the $7,500 as a residual subvention. So instead of a 3/36 resid of 66%, it may be 70% or something. This also prevents you from simply buying out the vehicle to capture the $7,500 since the benefit value isn’t available until the end of the closed-term lease and all the depreciation has been run off over the lease.

But their money factor is so junk that you’ll be looking at $1,600 monthlies even with the subvention.

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No where close. Wouldn’t pay a dime over the national offer.

GMC National Lease Offer
Ultra Low-Mileage Lease for Well-Qualified Lessees.
$1,124/MONTH for 36 months.

$0 due at signing (after all offers).

$0 down payment / $0 first month payment / $0 security deposit (after all offers)*.

Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra. $0 security deposit.
Mileage charge of $0.25 /mile over 30,000 miles at participating dealers.


Whoa Jim, for real, the GMC National Offer now has such a massive residual enhancement, the lease for 10k miles per annum is looking pretty good compared to where it was a few months ago (even considering it’s pre-tax quote of $1,124)

Here’s the fine print.

I haven’t priced a 2x with a 97k msrp. Might be less but national offers are BS anyway. Tax tags fees aren’t included.

As I said I can get them around 5k off. That was a 112 msrp though and it came to around 1650 for a cali buyer last month. Base mf tags fees and first month all rolled in.

I don’t care to do hummers I was just trying to help out if he can’t find a discount around 5k


Can someone please tell me if the advertisement says sign and drive zero due at signing:

$0 down payment / $0 first month payment / $0 security deposit (after all offers)*.

(Fine Print)
Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra. $0 security deposit.

Does this mean the drive off is ZERO or do I still have to pay the first payment plus a bunch of other fees ???

You can structure practically any deal to be sign and drive $0 DAS, just tell the dealer.

What that offer means is that the sign and drive advertised price really isn’t the final price because it doesn’t include TTL and fees. Very typical for advertised offers like that.

So the true sign and drive price will be say $1300/mo with $0 DAS once you add TTL and fees in.

Otherwise if you want to pay the TTL and fees up front then you could be at $1199/mo but with $3600 DAS.

Thank you Sir …

I am picking up a Hummer Suv 2x tomorrow. $106 k msrp with a true sign and drive taxes, fee’s ect rolled in for $1100 month. Two other dealerships came close so if your looking you should be able to beat or get the advertised deal with nothing out of pocket.

10k miles a yr


Thank you for the details. I have the pick up 3x incoming in 2-3 weeks. What is the residual for 36m 10k miles on your SUV?

What region are you in?


10 char

It’s been a week since I picked the Hummer up. My opinion it is my 2nd favorite vehicle with 1st as the TRX. If Hummer sounded like the TRX it would move to 1st place.


I absolutely love the Hummer EV — congrats on landing one. How’s the 2X quickness compared to the 3.5 sec 0-60 of the 3X? Have the range and charging been reasonable in your experience? I’ve been eyeing a local 3X in Moonshot Green at $106K and was curious how cheaply I could scoop it up for. It’s between this and the Rivian R1S.