Hummer EV Lease Deals?

I did a couple runs in WTF mode and it hit 0-60 on the draggy at 3.8/3.9 seconds. When not in in WTF mode 0-60 is around 5.5 seconds. This is with the off-road package.

I have only charged it once so far at my house. I used a Jeep 4xe level 2 chargpoint charger and it went from 20% to 100% charge in 9 hrs. The range it estimates I can go to empty is 300 miles and I would say that is really close to reality with using wtf mode alot and having fun the first week.

My neighbor has a rivian and I let him drive the Hummer and he is now looking at selling his and getting a hummer if that tells you anything.

Good luck on your hunt!


Looks great. Wife has been asking for a truck based SUV and I am hoping these will drop $700-$800 ranges so I wont have to pay $$$$ for a meager Yukon.

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So I guess it’s significantly slower than the Rivian?

I didn’t think the WTF mode was available on the 2x?

WTF is available on the 2x with the Extreme Off Road Package. Just hit the traction control button twice and it engages.

Yes 2x is slower