How to work the deal?

Hi all. Can those of you who have scored awesome lease deals explain you general approach on working with the sales person and finance manager? I would love to hear your A - Z approach. Thank you!

Do all the work for the sales person and the finance person. Put your offer on paper listing the MSRP, discount, incentives, MF, months, and lease payment. Create your own spreadsheet and take your laptop with you to plug the numbers in so you know you both are calculating the lease correctly.

If you can find a good deal online on their website, print it and take it with you. You have to be armed with all the info so they can’t make you pay more than you should.

Oh, and if you are not happy with the deal, walk away. They will most likely call you back and knock more off the price.

Thank you. Do you know where I can find a good lease calculator spreadsheet online? Also, where do I obtain the Capitalized Cost, MF and the residual value from? Do those data points come the dealer or are they on the web?

Use a Pseudo Name/Email/Google Voice Number to contact dealers. Work on the selling price first. Do not reveal any loyalty or incentives that you quality for until you agree on upfront price. Make the dealers outbid each other. Then start talking lease numbers. If you like a price, then add the loyalty and ask them to recalculate.

You can go for either options after this.
1)Tell them, that you are doing it for a friend and he will come pick it up.
2) Start conversation with the real name can make them go even lower as you know their bottom number.

You can copy mine unless you find a better one

Do I state that I want to lease or buy or don’t tell them?

Yes tell them you want to lease stock number XXXXX Chevy etc… Do all the work for them and you’ll not waste anyone’s time. Either they accept or decline your offer.

Nice. Thank you for this!

If you were to “roll” the due at signing numbers into the lease, how would you recommend changing your spreadsheet?

They are already rolled in. The only things due at signing are first month*, MSD (optional but recommended), and cap cost reduction (which you can make 0)

*If the manufacturer offers first month free, you can make that 0 too.

Initially just say that you want to buy

Okay. I think…

I am confused because your spreadsheet has cap cost reduction featured twice.

What do you mean? E.g. on the “with MSD” sheet, there is only one input for cap cost reduction. Cell C18. Make that 0 and there is none

I was looking at the sheet without MSD.

Same thing, there is only one cell for inputting cap cost reduction (Cell C15)

I see a repeat for cap cost reduction at cell 29.

Once again, thank you for this. You have no idea how valuable this is for us.

It’s not an input.

Why is it there on line 29? If you elect to make a CCR (cap cost reduction) (line 15), it reduces your net cap cost. It doesn’t do so magically. Any CCR you elect to make gets added to your ‘due at signing’…that’s how leases work.

Ah ha.

My bad. I did not play with it.

I thought it was an input.

One last question - if the state sales tax is not on the payment, but rather:

  • levied on the sales price upfront (e.g. VA, TX, GA)…


  • levied on the total lease payment upfront (e.g. NY, MN, OH)…

How do you recommend we use your AWESOME sheets?

Do your research online first…True Car, forums like this etc. See what others are paying.

Come up with a payment. Tell the dealer that’s what you’re willing to pay. Rinse and repeat across multiple channels.

I realize this flies in the face of everyone armed with MF/residual/invoice ets…but the bottom line is how much are we going to pay, in total, for your lease. Let the dealers figure out how to get to your number.

It works for me.

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