How to Lease a Cadillac LYRIQ for $399/Month with $0 Down

On the LH calculator, is the 7500 credit added into the residual?

In Lyriq, they’ve bumped up the residual so no further credit

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Correct. The $7,500 Ultium Promise Credit is reflected in the increased Residual Values. You’ll notice the residuals are abnormally high. They are in the high 70% to low 80% range depending on months, mileage, and trim.

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Anyone knows how to get GM supplier referral code?

Yeah I’ve been getting between 72 and 76 on new sport and lux 1’s with 24 months/15k miles

Another thing to keep an eye on is the RPO code. As a Super Supporter, you can access the RateFindr on the LeaseHackr Calculator. For GM, you may notice multiple Subvented Lease options with differing Residuals and Money Factors. To make sure you are using the appropriate Lease Program:

Requires X0E Option = AWD vehicles
Requires X0D Option = RWD vehicles

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Just type the company you work at.


You will find a Company Eligibility check tool at GM’s supplier discount website.

If you or your spouse work for a company that is verified by the check tool, you will be able to acquire the supplier code. It’s a quick and easy process.

My company is not :slight_smile:

So looking for referrals, if anyone has.

I used this forum to get an amazing deal on my 2024 Lyriq Sport I AWD in May with a one pay.
Amazing car/deal/cant say enough good things.
Recently learned of a job transfer, will need to let it go.
$MSRP - $66, 6XX
Just posted in market place/private transfer for ~ effective $410 a month for 22 mos if anyone interested.
Happy hacking

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Any current deals in CA? Or anywhere I guess, no big deal to ship or drive back. Have Costco and Conquest.

Anyone found out what is the current deal going on in July?

Not yet. I’ve been waiting for some deals but haven’t seen anything good.

June was a much better month because of the 4k in CCR, they retired that in July. for anyone looking in the FL/GA area

my dealer has 2 Red Lyriq Techs with the driving assistance package for $435 a month with first month payment MSRP $62,230 (24/10). He has 2 of these left which are being discounted about $5000

Must have good credit, conquest and Costco to qualify for this price

I heard July is the same as June.

So really the trick for this month is to look for the ones that has dealer discount on MSRP

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Hello and than you for the information! I know this is an older post but my question is about the Tax Rate entered in the calculator. Why is there a tax rate of 9.5%? I live in NJ and assumed we did not pay a tax when leasing an EV. California does?

California sales tax is 7.25-10.75% depending on location.

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Hey - can we talk about a lease transfer? I’m interested in taking the car off your hands. Where are you?

MF’s are down a bit that offsets some the CCR, loaner 2500 is still good. Conquest costco and or private offer is needed

Does GM supplier code still work? Also what’s the deals with the cars that have Ultium Cash? Those can still be leased?