How to Get Dealerships to Reply?

Anyone else been having problems with unresponsive dealerships? I’ve sent a bunch of straight-forward, respectful emails out to try and initiate a deal, and have heard back from maybe 25% of dealerships.

Of those dealerships that respond initially, none have responded to my second email (where I show them I am relatively educated by knowing MF, RV and incentives).

Does no one want this money folks? Maybe it’s that no one wants/needs educated money right now. Is this the world we live in?!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you been to a dealership lot or website recently? There are no cars to be sold.
Try to see it from their perspective, why would they bother negotiating with you when there’s a guy coming in willing to pay their 5k mark-up right away.


Out of curiosity, what are you saying in these emails?

Unless their online inventory is incorrect, most of the dealerships have multiple of the vehicle in stock I’m looking for.

It also doesn’t take much time to say (as one dealership said candidly in a response email) “we understand what you’re looking for, however because of car shortages our dealership is sticking to MSRP.”

To me it’s a matter of customer service.


Don’t disagree, and yet

Lots of similar, terrible experiences right now.

"Hi ________

I’m active duty military currently stationed in Hawaii. I’m moving back to Texas in early July and am looking to have a car waiting for me. I currently lease a GM vehicle, and turn it in on June 29th.

Is it possible to sign a deal totally online with your dealership, then have my father-in-law pick up the vehicle?

I’m fairly well-versed in buying/leasing cars, and don’t want to waste your time. I’m looking for a very specific lease deal.

My research tells me the current money factor for the area is 0.00008, and the residual is 50%. I am also aware of the current incentives I qualify for. The biggest question I don’t have answered is how much Dealerships in your area are willing to discount MSRP before incentives are applied. I know there are dealerships across the country that are offering really great discounts before incentives, and some that are sticking to MSRP.

So my straight-forward question is: how much of a discount (pre-incentive) are y’all able to offer on this car?

I don’t want to come off as aggressive- it’s just that I don’t want to waste y’alls time (or mine). If a completely online transaction is possible, and the numbers make sense, I’m happy to get a deal done. Otherwise, I’ll check back with y’all in a few weeks.

Thanks for your time!"

And to answer a potential follow-up question: yes, I’m one of those nerds in search of the mythical Bolt Unicorn

I guarantee you they got to this line and you set off all the Nigerian prince scammer alarms and your email went straight in the trash.


Well, misery loves company I suppose

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that it does

Probably my favorite email tagline ever (not mine): Misery loves company; Joanie loves Chachi


That makes sense. I suppose I could wait until we have a tentative deal- then ask them to send me $10,000 so I can unfreeze my vast fortune


The concern is more that you’d e-sign with a stolen identity and then have a random person take the asset and never see it again. Lots of dealers have been scammed by remote deals from out of state buyers like that.


Some dealers will allow you to notarize remotely (to consider the deal burning gas) and you can pickup when you arrive.

@chevysalesgirl do you arrange shipping (or can one of your Bolts be shipped for our friend here in the Armed forces)?

Yea that email is way, way (way) too long.

If it doesn’t get thrown in the trash immediately when the dealer sees how long it is then it definitely will go in the bin when they read the remote sign /someone else pickup stuff, as mentioned above.

Work out a target deal on a car they have in inventory and ask if they will take the deal or not. Leave out all the fluff and work out the pickup details later.

Of course if you actually can’t sign and/or pickup the car until the end of the month, that leaves you in a much worse off negotiating position and another reason why you’re probably not getting responses.


Make your target deal. Offer drive off and monthly.

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I can ship but can only register CA lease customers. I don’t do out-of-state leases at all.


For what it is worth I’ve been ghosted by 4 dealers so far when, after they sent me the lease build, I ask for info on MF.

No need to ask for mf but you need to know the buy rate to account for target deal. It’s been discussed many times always take a bigger discount with a marked up money factor.


Probably I’ve been contacting cars that don’t sell I haven’t really noticed this.
The worst is the ones I respectfully declined but keep coming back saying we must move these cars then show me a worse deal… like why bother, focus your energy on to whom you may actually sell a car

For me it’s been the same

Some are quoting me over the phone and after the initial phone call only a 2 in 10 might call back. A few won’t talk numbers unless you go in to the dealership, but then the whole speech about how the numbers will magically change once you step into the dealership hasn’t worked. I decided to step into 2 dealerships a few weeks back and the numbers weren’t anything spectacular to what I was getting over the phone.

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I agree with others

Even when folks email me with MF and RV I think it’s lame. I have those figures. So does the dealer. They don’t need you to tell them.

Just tell me your goals and it’s a yes or no.

Otherwise it’s too easy to lose interest or assume the person is shopping every single dealer/broker everywhere.