How to get best deal on Camaro LT1?

I am looking to lease the camaro lt1 in Houston and looking to get the best deal possible. I currently don’t have the GM Card but can apply for it right away. I might qualify to the healthcare discount.

What offers can I combine to get the best deal possible?

Do you have a current lease in the household that could qualify for the conquest incentive (at least 1500 maybe more in your local area)?

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I don’t have a current lease. I used to have a camaro that was sold about a year ago.

I think you might have to have had the card open as of 1/4/21 to get that bonus cash.

Do you own any other non-GM cars?

Yes own a Ford and Infiniti

See the prior link, but I think you can get the base 1750 conquest as long as they are 2007 or newer.

Great! I think I should qualify for that.

Given everyone’s experiences on here, you may need to walk your sales person through the incentives and how you qualify though–they don’t seem to understand them well. I will PM you a dealer who might work with you locally.

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Appreciate it!

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