HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read!


Pulled the trigger this weekend on selling to Vroom.
Rubicon with all the packages and body color hardtop pre price increase, picked it up in early May.

MSRP: $63k
Vroom: $58.2K

They were solid at $56.5k for weeks and then this weekend it jumped again and I had to pull the trigger.

Ordered a second loaded Rubicon back in June with the Sky One Touch roof and hoping it shows up in July!


Rough math in my head that’s like $7k profit?

Just over $8k

Well done! Good luck with the second order, the Sky Touch ones seem to be getting hit with delays.

Thank You Thank You, I figured it’ll run into the end of August since it is still waiting to be built but still couldn’t pass up the price.

I also agree that the party will soon be over for this to work out so well.

Sky one touch is likely not the reason for delays. My build was shipped within 3 weeks.

vroom sold a 54k 4xe with 2k miles for 1k over sticker lol


Good, let this party run a little longer.


Alright folks don’t freeaaaakkk out

But the Toledo factory is taking the week off next week.

Don’t ask a billion questions but it’s been confirmed from a few sources.

I wouldn’t expect Wrangler progress next week


Sounds like all that time working with fiat has rubbed off on them


Italy just won Euro 2020, makes sense.

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Weird. The week after the 4th of July would have seemed to make more sense.

Mixed reports. Not sure if it was planned or voluntary.

Sounds like layoffs for the week due to part shortages, though.

But confirmed it’s definitely off.

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I can’t help but repeat my previous comment Mike…I suspect total production for the week will be about the same as if all of the folks who are scheduled to work are actually there, LOL!


I assume you mean furloughs?

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Finally had a break in the weather to give her a wash with my new foam cannon.

For anyone ordering that’s on the fence with the blue, just get it. :slight_smile:


Detroit news says

The Toledo Assembly Complex that produces the Jeep Wrangler SUV and Gladiator midsize pickup will take previously scheduled downtime next week to perform general maintenance.


A case manager at Jeep mentioned that it was previously scheduled. However, builds for the last few weeks have been slow and all Gorilla Glass builds have been scheduled for at least a week out. Whatever the cause, at least there’s some hope things will be moving next week.

That looks so good.

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It’s gorgeous. :clap:

How do you like the sky one touch??

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