HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 1)


Yeh the news, as always, is inconsistent

Some factories closed for planned maintenance
Others for chip / shortages

Either way, I wouldn’t expect wrangler movement week of 7/12

LOVE it! With the constant changing weather in FL, it’s nice to not have to worry about making a decision one way or another and it opens so wide it’s like a convertible top.

Do they make these in the Toledo plant. Is it possible to order and pick up from there directly.

They do

Nah-it’s not like performance center delivery w BMW

What’s really the difference between the Sahara trim and the HA trim? Is HA worth it for resale?

I asked about that a while back, I was told it’s not possible :frowning:

Jeep does make this a little bit confusing don’t they :slight_smile:

Of course, if you go to the jeep website and diligently poke around you can weed out what the differences are, but in a nutshell off the top of my head------

There are more colors available with Sahara.

HA will get you body color front and rear bumpers and mirrors.

HA will allow you to choose the light gray colored seats, if you want saddle color seats you have to go Sahara. Both offer black leather.

HA will have a slightly different seat design with different stitching on it.

Sahara will have black colored tow hooks, HA are blue.

HA will come standard with safety package, it is an option on Sahara.

If you want a soft top or a black hard top, you have to go with Sahara, HA is only body color hard top.

If you want stainless door sill guards, you can only get those on Sahara, HA is black plastic only. Sahara also has black plastic.

Since HA is already standard with body color hard top, adding sky one touch is only $2000 instead of $4000.

The bezels around the headlamps are silver with Sahara, they are black with HA.

There may be a few more things…Others can fill in the blanks on anything I’ve missed.

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Since you can basically, in the end option both of these cars the same, what some people seem to judge one or the other by is whether or not they want the contrast of the black bumpers, mirrors and top. I know that is why my daughter chose Sahara over HA. I on the other hand wanted the “G wagon look” so HA made more sense.

Are these only for sale or can lease at 36/10?

Have you tried reading post number one? This is literally a leasing thread.

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If you want to complete the g wagon look, these look pretty snazzy -


I might be misremembering but doesn’t the HA have slightly lower RV as well compared to Sahara?

Aha! Was searching for this… Cheers!

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Same RV.

Rubicon is -1%.

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High Altitute is a package on top of Sahara trim.

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Ah thanks. Confused with Rubi.

Nice find, it was on my long-term radar to look for something like that :slight_smile:

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Here are some docs from CCAP:

STANDARD LEASE RATE SHEET - 06.23.21 - 08.02.21

The dealer can supposedly ask for a free Tier bump as well.

RESIDUAL VALUE LEASE GUIDE - 07.01.21 - 08.02.21:

Lease Guide:

^ This has some information on the Sold Order Protection:


Sold order protection is available when a vehicle is sold to, or ordered for, a customer during an incentive program, and that program will be expired by the time the vehicle is delivered. Sold Order Protection is a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Program administered by Chrysler Capital. All program rules must be adhered to as listed in the Gold Book. To qualify for the program, please see the Sold Order Protection Checklist located on the Chrysler Capital Dealer Website for a listing of documents required at the time of funding.

The dealer must submit the customer application to Chrysler Capital and notify their credit buyer that the customer’s deal is eligible for sold order protection. Sold order protection is available for consumer incentive programs as of the date of the buyer’s order and deposit or the date of delivery.

In the event that the buyer’s order date and delivery date are in different incentive time periods, the customer has the option to choose the time period for incentives. All programs and incentives must be used for only the selected time period and are subject to approval based on a recent credit report.

Chrysler Capital reserves the right to modify, change and/or amend the Sold Order Protection Policy at any time.


Another update on the Acquisition Fee’s that some were getting charged. Not sure what region y’all fall under but here’s the summary of it:

Effective Dates 07.01.21 - 08.02.21

California: 36 39 Waived
Great Lakes: 39 48 Waived
Denver: 36 39 Waived
Southwest: 36 39 Waived
Southeast: 36 39 42 48 Waived
Northeast: 48 Waived
Mid Atlantic: 36 39 48 Waived
Midwest: 36 Waived


Great info @ilike2breakthngs :heavy_check_mark:

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