HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

Dealers local to me are interested in cold weather, hard top then everything else.

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Just got the docs from Daniel @ Gupton. The numbers look good to me but if someone wouldn’t mind double checking my calcs before I docusign, I would greatly appreciate it.

2022 Rubicon 4xe 36m/12k
60710 msrp
54528 sales price

In state of FL with 7% tax no gov fees included because Gupton makes you take care of it yourself.

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That’s golden.

sorry, not sure what this is. In the end do we get a similar selling price in both cases?

Any contact info? In the end do we get similar numbers?

and another 1% on top of this for affiliate?

You got one thru clutch?
I’ll show you my numbers thru rob to see what the difference really is I wanna say ~1000 after shipping or less

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You can still apply for rebate after getting the car, or no you are not eligible if car purchased from out of state dealer?

Rebates do not qualify for out of state purchases. You are missing the big picture - Clutch has a larger discount than the 750 in state rebate.

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After shipping / high doc fee / broker fee
It’s about ~1000 or less tho

You are actually correct. I just got mine from Clutch and loved the service, but after running some quick numbers it does seem like staying local here in Socal would give you very close numbers if Tuttle is really at 1% below invoice. Of course assuming buy rate, no addons, etc.

I’m okay with going through the hassle of doing paperwork online and having to ship if that means I’m saving like $800 but some people live convenience. I’d go with Clutch again if I had to do it again

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The hassle?

If given the choice of doing all the paperwork at my desk without having to put pants on or going into the dealer to do it in person, I’d do it online every day of the week.

Now you’re telling me that for $1000 more money in my pocket, I can do the paperwork in my underwear AND have the vehicle dropped off at my front door?


how much you paid for shipping to socal?

Well I sat on a call with finance going over numbers for 45 min in between work meetings so yes, I would call it a hassle. May not always be the case, but it happened with me.

The convenience of doing things at home is amazing, which is why I mentioned I would do it all over again. Don’t hone in on one part of my statement and ignore every other aspect of it

1300 which was beyond reasonable considering the mileage, time, gas, etc.

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Congrats. Ride quality difference?

@Qbrozen I played it safe and signed under March numbers. Figured a bird in the hand…guess we’ll see tomorrow.

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Is 36/10 the best in terms of lease? Is 7.5k or 5k offered to make it better? My two current lease in the family I got only 2-3k miles a year on them.

I tried to order the $0 one and it want available in Chapman’s configurator. They insisted that it was part of some package. Made me order the $700 one.

Just curious but how? If you drive that little, shouldn’t you not be searching for new cars?

This is not an option. 10k is the lowest mileage available.

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