HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

You ordered the car before you figured out how much you’re paying for it?

Think he’s trying to buy dealer stock on its way in, good luck with that.

If you are eligible for the Affiliate Rewards Program you might get the dealer to accept it which is 1% below invoice. They get reimbursed some of the discount from Jeep for you using the Affiliate Rewards Program. Otherwise it likely will be a fight to get anything under MSRP.
Good Luck

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Sure, you can get 9% off.

Then find out when about to sign that includes the $7500 incentive.


Hey everyone how does one sign up to get Jeep wave emails of their wrangler order ?

You don’t. They just use whatever email the dealer gave them on the order.

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Anyone order a HA sting gray with the light interior? Curious if blue jeans stain

So is Sarge green available on rubicon for 22? Anyone have pictures? Wonder how the blue graphics clash with green paint

It is still in the ordering guide and this is the only picture I can find online.


I have a Sarge green Sahara on order since 11/20.

Man, that image doesn’t look anything like sarge


My jeans have stained the interior of several of my cars. (Not specifically Jeep.) I usually keep leather wipes in the door and wipe the seat when I’m at a gas station or car wash and I’m thinking about it. It helps a lot but it is never 100%.

I had a sarge in sept/oct and it looks SO much better in person.


Man that looks so good. Is that pic an accurate representation of what sarge looks like in person? Maybe ill order another sahara

That pic was sent to me by another LHer. I have the same build on order but with SOT.

If I end up keeping one it will be this one.

update on my order 1/18 rubi 4xe
all black with the soft top ( S FL resident )

I am showing that your vehicle has been built and is pending installation of additional equipment. This is a necessary step when additional features or optional equipment packages are added to the vehicle. Currently no Dealer ETA has been provided.

Only thing I changed or added was Black paint and OWL tires with the white font.

On my monitor, that is accurate. Can’t tell you what your monitor is showing you.

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Sarge is a deep, rich color that changes a lot depending on the lighting - in overcast/cloudy it’s like it is above (i.e. a deep forest green); in direct sunlight, it gets a lot brighter with hints of brown; at night, it could almost be a shade of dark grey or black.

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Man I love that sarge green. I didn’t realize it was even a color that I would like, until I had it on a Sahara. I almost regret going with hydro blue for my Rubi (on order since Nov as well).

I’ll second this. I had a sarge green Sahara, and those photos are a fairly accurate representation of the color.