HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 2)

I had this happen to me, when I bought a car from carvana. I was able to keep getting temp tags for 6 months and then had a useless $40,000 brick in the driveway for a couple weeks at the end while everything was sorted out. It was a nightmare. By law, I guess you can get temp tags for up to 6 months.

They sent me new temp tags every time. Current ones expire 3/17.

Also, CA DMV took the registration fee of $620, so they gave me temp tags as well.

Everyone’s confused about what happened to the Reg Package from dealer. I think it’s sitting on someone desk at the Sac DMV office.


I appreciate the thorough insight! The lease is appealing for the lower payment for the first three years to free up cash for other things (two kids under 2, self employed). Typically we have financed however I like the idea of leasing with these numbers.

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So is the mf on the lease, especially if you do a one pay.

Rubicon holds it’s value more, that is why they are about $50 less a month to lease than a sahara.

look at the overall big picture. I thought I always heard you’re better buying up front if you intend to buy it anyway.

He’s in TN now . They’re paying better money in that part of the country than in the northeast.

Requested a payoff through my ccap online account - it doesn’t show any sales tax? Is that normal or do they assume it’s a dealer payoff?

The dealer payoff has the dealers name address and contact name on the payoff. You cannot use your payoff even though it doesn’t include taxes

24k first they were trying to charge more initially. 19k was final number in contract but only paid 15.4k. Yeah confusing how they went about it.

Nevermind - on my calcs I had taken the remaining sales tax out twice

Can you provide more numbers for us on same boat? Msrp, sales, tax,one pay, what was final payoff?

Neither work, but I’ve been using NW this whole time anyway

Looking to get one. Anyone leased one this month?
what’s the monthly payment looking like.

Just looking for the cheapest speced wrangler phev.

You’re joking, right?


Placed order 2/12
Received Vin today.

Is this pretty typical? I’m hoping for 12+ weeks time till delivery.

Ya, vin is usually a few days after ordering.


Ok cool. Thanks

I hope this will help. The calculator shown correct MF and residual for this month. Noone knows what MF and RV will be when Your ordered unit will arrive to the dealer in 6 or 12 weeks

Wait - you’re hoping for more than 3 months? Recent orders seem to be showing up much faster than that, some as quickly as 4-5 weeks order to delivery.